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People can actively engaged with these things to help their own greece but for a lot of people even knowing about the fact that these things happen and that there are people that are there are researchers studying this stuff in documenting it documented cases of small children that remember living before documenting near death experiences. Even if it's just knowledge it does provide. It does provide hope. I mean i totally agree with you. And that was the intention. I think especially now with with the coronavirus and people dealing with so much loss. Maybe it's a it's it's timely right now for people. We didn't know that when we started making this thing it was years ago before there was any corona virus so I think it does provide hope. And i hope it does And i think people can engage with some of these. These things themselves in may get even more hope because there's nothing like having your own experiences. It's just nothing like it. I think research is really impactful and hearing about it from other people is really impactful but when something happens to you personally it it changes it completely and i hope that some people watching this will end up having their own experiences and engage with some of these things themselves if there is another series which you consider putting the hypnotic past life regression. It's possible because for the first season we wanted to be pretty strict. You know about how being sort of more scientific in terms of how we covered cases of past life memories. i think with season two. We would have more leeway to kind of explore it in you know in in possibly with that kind of component can included. I think that the cases of these young children which are the ones we included in the series are the most evidential ones and i think the people from the department of sexual studies at university of virginia would agree. That's why they focus on those cases so we wanted to start with really the most evidential things. But i think yeah. Some of the hypnotic grace regression cases could be really fascinating as long as we could control factors such as could they have been exposed to any of this before and could they could you know is the. Is the therapist asking them leading questions. And you know it's it's just when you when you're adult in your under when you're an adult and you're under hypnosis it's a very different ballgame than when your two year old child has never been exposed to anything before in their lives remembering being in a plane crash in world war two. It's so it's it's sort of taking another step out from the hardcore evidence. But i think i'm sure there are cases that are interesting in there are also cases of adults with past life memories someth- regression but also some. That happened in other ways. That are interesting. They're just not as hard core evidential as the ones with kids. That's why we focused on those but that's another be another wonderful thing about duly another season. I think we could be more explorative we could. We could have more leeway in terms of the kinds of areas we could cover and so that that's another that'd be another interesting possibility with the do something like that and the other interesting thing is. We thought you've talked a little bit about the fact tibetan buddhism. I mean we don't we don't go into religion at all but there are cases of these young boys That that are tested in an recognize things from the previous life. Then they become these llamas and that's kind of an interesting story to the process that these children.

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