Burkina, Ivory Coast, West Africa discussed on Your Why: A Chapelwood Podcast


So you look at the chocolate that we consume right. So where's that Chocolate come from west africa countries like burkina-fasso and ivory coast will how they how they portray the labor to do that you know are these children are being paid or the other. These contracts for farmers are we talking about trafficking and forced labor slavery. And so that's the techs talking about around the world so we're hitting were hidden companies where their financial thereby dollar right. I mean not necessarily but we're We're making awareness by actually bringing these lawsuits up. Like i would assume i'm not gonna name names but i can only imagine that you know we've got other major manufacturers products that we use on a daily basis and they're probably have the same same issue they may or may not know there are probably gonna always denied those The stuff is just happened. Globally and right. There's there's increased focus in intensity on companies and it's generated by us consumers. You know we wanna to our parts are coming from. You wanna know that the value chains clean that human life is being held As as as you know the products and services that we consume or being produced so a lot of attention focuses being paid that and you know that's open space for us as organization to come alongside the multinational corporations to look their value. Chain to make sure that instances of forced labor slavery are not current credible. We could say you're eight to six so much. Privileged relies on its version. Mystery time about little bit. Talk about how you got involved all this and all but before that were to our sponsor of the episode you are emmy coffee specialty coffee with a purpose. The goal of you are e is partner. Growers millers to reroute kenya which out with consumers around the world before you are indeed supply chain limitations discouraged locals for cultivating their copy. We changed that by eliminating values transactions the other key the u. r. e. is showing the farmers millers compensated with me wage with led to the fierce trade during the right now while he was about it beforehand. It's really good coffee. Do really cool like know. They make sure we talk about right now. Rebe looted art be compensated fairly traits. That's the whole point of this. Is that Farmers kenya happy canal..

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