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To these were green is roma's and and i don't know if he's in state outta state he's at an iconic show nice guy friend of mine but i just have more of a seeing some people dig in style some mind but that's it rick in me for your morning drive so if you're listening to me thanks i mean i think i have a really good showing its in part with rick miller cannot producers the best in the state it's in part because of our facebook and social media you know engagement it's it's our bumper music it's our guest since everything so i just appreciate it i really do the fact that you're listening to my show and i'm not trying to be all touchyfeelycuddly it's a big deal and like i said one thing rick milliken our producers good at is getting clips and the alaska delegation they responded i was talking to easing this last hour talking about last segment don young mukasi daniels hard right liz murkowski move far left as a republican rhino some people say friend of mine so i got to be careful but she is definitely left of centre when it comes to some boats understand salvan kenneth cookiecutter but nice guy like them lebanese on the show and i respect him and gladis in and so those are our federal delegation members and they had opinions on the state of the union address by donald trump here they are through kt you you in his state of the union addressing a joint session of congress the plan was to have a theme of bipartisanship and unity tonight i call upon all of us to set aside our differences to seek out common ground and to summon the unity we need to deliver four the p this is really a key these are the people we were elected to serve as he spoke from the house chamber so many of the eyes of the world's on television on mine were on america because president who currently faces historically low approval ratings and an ongoing investigation but the president's words that indeed sounded uniting and were applauded more than frequently tuesday night it is not enough to come together only in times of tragedy from the international level on down not everyone is pleads many remain guarded remembering the past year but exasperation this has been.

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