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The switch finally being widely available in shops is going to switch everybody even more people saying her in public transport because it's just a beautiful little games console. And I think the apple watch is finally justified its existence with the new version came up this year. Let's say great about the new apple it is largest green on a smaller frame. It has. A longer battery. Life has a much prettiest green, and it has this EC monitor which is kind of a I in Cosima hardware as someone who has had a history of hall conditions. It's quite nice to potentially be able to more regular impassively, monitor the health, my heart in a way, I could get to my doctor. Plus if I trip and fall, it could call nine nine nine really for me. I think one of the greatest texture is come up to eighteen. I will remember is the MAs insight landing. So the land that we landed on Mars, and I got to go and watch it land with some of the scientists he'd worked on the tech. And just it's just incredible. What we can do. Now, we can land this incredibly sensitive instruments on a planet. Hundreds thousands, however, many miles away it is, you know, clown using advanced plus years in advance and what happened with an eight minute delay. It's just incredible don't even know whether it's London when you start watching it descend that still gives me chills. Anyway, that's it. That is final show you for twenty eighteen Alex. Thank you so much for helping me to relive it in all of. The last time to relive frontier. Let's bright two out of the history books. Forever. The way it went straight from toward action twenty seventeen shall we? Just skip from twenty ten to twenty twenty just lose the whole of the last good year. That's a we don't want to go down a huge, thanks to all of our contributors this year who helped us explain what the heck was going on with tech. And of course, a huge, thanks to you listeners who tuned in and kept me here in the studio. We will be back in two thousand nineteen which is next week. Anyone checking the calendar? I hope you enjoy the celebrations wherever you are. I'm Jordan Erika Weber. Thanks as always for listening. Put costs from the guardian. Just go to the guardian dot com slash. Coasts?

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