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Name living proof song. You'd get back. Read my story at UC health dot org slash stories. Extraordinary. Siriusxm brings you pack. Twelve college hoops, like no one else, we've got twenty four seven talking analysis on Sirius XM Pac twelve radio from experts like Roxy, Bernstein guy Haberman as well as loud play by play. So catch every stagger diamond drive in your car online or on the siriusxm app. Or try us out for free streaming trial subscription. Take your team with you anywhere you go. Get a free shooting trial at siriusxm dot com slash Pac twelve s XM. Solar energy is proud to be the official burger of the university of Colorado's buffs community solar program. Green and save money by installing solar panels on your residents or business. Now's your chance to earn a discount in health healthy university, sustainability vision, save thousands on your installation by joining the program and for every hour of solar energy produced. The university receives the donation to further is sustainability goals now that's a win win. Visit solar energy dot com or call three two one nine fourteen fifty from program guidelines that solar energy dot com or three zero three two one nine fourteen fifty. I'm Christina Randall eighteen Colorado teacher of the year. I have the most exciting reporting career. I am a teacher where every day and giving back to my community and making a real difference in the lives of my students. Are you ready to be a positive role model for kids? Direct feature change a life change the world. Start your journey to an exciting career in teaching brought to you by so every student thrives. Back to Las Vegas here. The MGM garden arena. Colorado. Arizona state months presented by Safeway. As always. Let's look back. Just on the road. And we were we were in. Los Angeles and the taking on UCLA. This is our ups next day air delivery of the game. Kennedy..

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