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Generation Texan born on the banks of Houston's Buffalo Bayou his nineteen ninety-three debut. Single adjusts enough rope was the first mainstream country music single to feature separate English and Spanish language versions richer. Vino welcome to on point. Oh great great to be here. Hello hello brothers and you know Rick I have to apologize. I have been mispronouncing your last name Rick Trevino and I do apologize for that. I'm going to get it right here. So what do you think of Los Lobos is first Christmas album. Oh I love it I I love the the I guess my favorite is probably the kind of Colombian vibe Yugoslavia. That I love that one I just. I love the VIBE. I love it. But everything's great. And congratulations guys get record. Thank you well so talk to us for minute rick about your families this Christmas traditions. Well growing up. You know we would live in growing up. In Austin we go back to Houston every year and visit my relatives Dios Diaz and You know it was just it was just a big party and then now with my own family. It's kind of the same thing. We kind of go overboard here at my house. You've got about six inflatables like seven or eight inflatables outside in the yard looks pretty obnoxious. But we love it and It's just everything's lit up and we got Christmas last Christmas presents. And we've we've actually had Christmas trees in the house up since before Thanksgiving and so. Yeah we we kinda go a little bit overboard and I do For the past thirty years I've done a Christmas Eve services at my church and one of the traditions that we do about seven services and and one day and Christmas Eve so when I get home I'm pretty tired. And Carla always has later that makes demolished show has tamales ready to go with fried eggs on top. And so yeah. We're going to. We're going to the Detroit in Austin at the end of this. Of course the services have always been something. I look forward to every year but it's nice to get home and In hanging out with the family. Well David and Steve Tell us about what it's been like making music with rick and your because I think you you also have a forthcoming album or grit. You have something else you have coming you. Are you performing with Los Lobos sometime again next year with different versions this Sunday. While I'm going to be at the Kessler with with Max Baucus and text maniacs and we fortunately once or twice last year I get to see you know Dave and Steve some of the guys if it were not. We're not seeing each other passing through the airports like we've seen each other a few times go I gone from GIG GIG but Yeah you know we we get to play together a couple of times a year and I think we've got probably something coming up in the spring spring but just just quick some props you know I I came. I met Dave and Caesar and and Steve I guess around ninety eight and you know they they just so gracious to open the door to their kind of musical world for me. I kind of felt like an in some aspects. I was a little nervous going into the first super seven record because I was Kinda Kinda coming from you. Know Country Country Music Nineties Straight ahead country music and and I was a little bit tentative going into it but You know the guys the Los Lobos guys and all the super seven seven members just kinda opened the doors for me. Welcome me with open arms patient with me as I was kind of learning As as I was going going so That was a great time and that that album was Special everybody that was part of it. Was You know we. y'All got long lead lead a fun doing it you know thank you. Thank you brother for being there and I've always considered the guys you guys as my my my friends and but but I've also always considered mentors for me and I've always kind of felt that kind of role every time I'm with you guys I'm always learning and I'm I remember the first time and I heard day play country tune during the soundcheck at the House of Blues. I think he was lefty for cell song. I think it was. I'll never go around mirrors and I was like man that you know. That was those guys that was a pretty eye opening. Moment for me Careers Deputy Donald Goal. Doing a lefty Frizzell Merle haggard ten. So it was pretty awesome all right well. Rick Trevino uh-huh Grammy Award winning Mexican American country. Music artists in third generation Texan who has performed with Los Lobos as part of the Latin American supergroup. Los Super Seven. Rick thank you so much for taking a couple of minutes to be with us today. Thank you for having me guys all all right. Well we're GONNA take a quick break here when we come back here from a lot more callers. We're talking this hour with two members of the band. Los Lobos their latest album is it's called Yugoslavia dot. It's their first.

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