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700 W L. Galligan, Cincinnati Householder proclaims his innocence and speaks out against a possible expulsion vote with the six third at six o'clock report. Excuse me. I'm Sean Gallagher, Frankie now. Ohio State representative and former House speaker. Very householder, who is facing federal racketeering charges accused of accepting $60 million in bribes to get House Bill six past testified in front of the House Rules and reference committee this afternoon. The Republican for Perry County could face expulsion as the committee considers resolutions from both political parties. Householders said he was innocent and passing a resolution to expel him before a verdict is handed down in his case would said about president and said the decision would overturn the will of the voters in his district who reelected him last November. Even after his arrest. None of you live in district 72. You should not attempt to subvert the choice that they made. People spoken. A vote to expel Householder could come as early as tomorrow. Hmm. Now the latest traffic and weather together. From the UC health traffic center. UC Health Urology provides expert care for urologic cases including prostate conditions, visit UC health dot com slash services slash urology for details. There's an accident on South 75. Now at Shepherd Lane. It's blocking the left lane and traffic slows back to Glendale Milford Road, also an accident in the 7900 block of Vine Street near the Ronald Reagan. South 71 slows from Martin Luther King on 24 71 and east to 75 a slowdown Dixie Highway to Madison Pike Westbound between 4 71 in Taylor Mill. Delays at the Brent Spence on 75 Outbound 12 minutes from Harrison Dortmund. 10 minutes from Kyle's Lane. I'm Rob Williams News Radio 700.

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