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In Colorado this morning news. We could see a little bit of taste of winter today in the Metro area. Fox 31 meteorologist Brooks Garner says What? We can expect that the latest cold front now after a morning Florrie possible in the Plains. No accumulation. We're gonna see a little bit of light so tonight and we're right on the edge of the accumulation area. We could see a dusting India maybe a quarter to a half an inch in downtown Denver up to an inch of the base of the foothills. As you heard in John's traffic updates snow's already falling in the high country. If your head into the mountains to ski expect some snow packed roads in spots. The nation is honoring the life of Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr this week, officials with the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis say while their doors are closed to visitors because of the pandemic. Hold the virtual celebration. Instead, Events started 11 A.m. Mountain time Friday would have been kings 92nd birthday. And if you've lived in Denver any length of time, you know, we hold a huge March parade. They call it, um, arrayed in Denver on this day every year to honor the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. It is not happening today because of the pandemic. They're asking you. Event organizers are asking you to walk on your own today and think about King's legacy and expected protests by supporters of President Trump. The Colorado State capital was not well attended on Sunday. It's estimated that reporters and photographers surrounding the Capitol building outnumbered any protesters by about a 5 to 1 margin. Law enforcement officials had feared armed protesters might show up at the Capitol that followed warnings by the FBI that rallies will be staged around the country and they could possibly turn violent. Chad Hoffman care way. News radio. The next White House chief of staff is laying out with the American people will hear from Joe Biden when he takes office on Wednesday. That's giving a message of moving this country forward. It's a message of unity. It's a message of getting things done. Ron claim, wrote a member of the senior staff this weekend. He told CNN's state of the union that Biden will get America back into the Paris climate agreement. And get rid of the Muslim travel ban claimed added that the more executive actions will follow in the days to come. More arrests are expected this week in connection to that riot, The U. S Capitol. The FBI has received tips containing more than 150,000 photos and videos, many from relatives and friends of those suspected of taking part in the riot. The volume and quality of the images help agents identify the writers over the weekend. The FBI arrested Brandon Fellows has connected in New York and accused him of breaking into Senator Jeff Merkley is office while wearing a fake orange beard. There have now been more than 100 arrests on federal and local charges, and authorities say they won't stop until they have everyone in that mob. Erin Kotowski. ABC NEWS Washington, Colorado's Cove in 19 case numbers seem to be moving in the right direction. State health officials report more than 1300 cases on Sunday, but that's 600 fewer than Saturday. The state's positivity rate is getting closer to the goal of 5%. The weeklong positivity rate is currently at nearly 6%. That's down from about 8% a week ago, a new survey on covert 19 reveals most Americans are not getting info about the vaccine from their doctors, the University of South Florida survey finds most are using TV news friends and family and social media to learn about the vaccine. Associate professor Stephen Neely says people may not be asking their doctor because it's probably not an option yet if you're under 65 for a lot of folks, the vaccine isn't available, so they haven't bothered having that conversation about 59% of people surveyed say they'll definitely or probably get the vaccine. But 29% aren't confident that it's effective and one in three yard. Sure it's safe. I'm Gordon Byrd. The pandemic has left hundreds of thousands of people struggling to pay their rent or their mortgage Colorado agencies. They're working hard to help them avoid becoming homeless. Now, many overloaded organizations need a helping hand as well. The pandemic is hitting Sarah Fisher's family hard her husband was laid off. Special needs child is battling Cove it the family now rose back rent. We definitely are worried about where we're going to live with no unemployment benefits now coming in. Fisher replied for rent assistance through the almost home program, but learned it will be impossible to receive an immediate payment have to pay off almost 40%. Of.

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