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I urge parents protect your kids it's their right to be safe and you're right to ensure it as far as you're able for breakpoint i'm john stonestreet it's not incomparable voice of the great marian anderson who's nine thousand nine hundred thirty nine easter sunday concert in front of the lincoln memorial inspired then ten year old martin luther king and led him to make his prize winning speech five years later when he was graduating from high school at age fifteen he he started at morehouse college ended up doing very well his last years was valedictorian and went on much to his father satisfaction to theological seminary cruiser seminarian pennsylvania and then ended up studying for a doctorate at boston university and it i he was concerned about what he called the emotionalism of religious life and was not sure that he would follow his father's example but he agreed to officially be ordained and to become associate pastor of his father's church which had been his grandfather's churches well the evans or baptist church in atlanta and i king while he was studying at boston university met a a young lady and he was not quite certain yet that he wanted to go into the ministry but he was certain about the young lady her name was coretta scott she was studying to be a singer like marian anderson and studying the very prestigious new england conservatory of music and within an hour of their first meeting as he was driving her back to her school he turned to her and said you know you have everything i ever wanted a woman we ought to get married someday well they were married shortly thereafter married by his father a june eighteenth nineteen fiftythree on the lawn of the house of her father ovadia scott who was a self made businessman who had a filling station a grocery store trucking and more and.

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