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You got to kind of go back to two of how people get into the game. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna get into the stories of how i got into that. You know we can do a whole show on that but to me it's about reaching if you want to grow the game hockey for me is is is kind of a and you don't talk about this kind of like you. Don't talk about it out loud but it really is a game. Works relatively well to do. People the equipment's expenses the extent. So i mean that population and is what it is. I think if you wanna talk about growing the game you gotta talk about going into communities. That don't traditionally zoos. And i think. I think i'm a little bit of an example of that and what i've appreciated especially this year and especially after george floyd is at the. Nhl is really They've really they've it hasn't just been wizard if they've done a lot to kind of show people wise leave that. Hey we want you in this game. We're trying to get. We're trying to get minority using the game and they're doing a lot of outreach I i probably spoken about the ed snider foundation in philadelphia. Which i've been aware of for quite some time. Basically what they do is. If you're in i and i may have a little bit of some of the detail was wrong but basically what they do is they go into the city and they say hey you know you're gonna get free equipment free ice time we're gonna teach you this games. And and it's open to any resident of the city of philadelphia now. Who lives in the city of philadelphia. Nice right i mean so. You know there's a there's a tremendous opportunity In a place like that to grow the game as you say i like with the nhl was doing. And i. i wanna see more of that. I see that they're. They're really celebrating of the diversity of people in the game. I just saw a story the other day. About the first indian american players are indian. I think he's canadian Player in the game and that kind of registered. So i think how how the game grows is through that through. Those foundations bringing communities in that traditionally are have not been exposed to sports cool. Hey after we get through the first round wanna had to come back so that we can lay out the landscape for the remainder of the playoffs. So if there's time permitting. Next week i would love You know would love to do that. have chook two additional questions for you for rapid fire. One is with what's happening with otani right now. It's beyond special. Why are we hearing about this. And all the you know the the debate shows and all the above wow. I'm not sure. I i know how to answer that..

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