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The injury firm of Abraham sending you to where traffic tip line Hillsborough eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five Kelly this morning but actually played at this afternoon at seventy four it's fifty six degrees at newsradio WFLA the thirteen year old St Petersburg boy is accused of stabbing his grandmother to death Gloria Davis was home with the teen in another grandchild when the suspect allegedly attacked the fifty six year old in the kitchen St Petersburg police chief Anthony Holloway the techs are trying to do the same thing that you're doing trying to figure out what triggered a thirteen year old to kill his grandmother Davis mail carrier in Saint Petersburg for years or coworker say they're now devastated the boy is charged with second degree murder but the state attorney's office is considering trying the teen as an an accident has a teenager fighting for his life in Pinellas county St Petersburg police say twenty two year old Sir Richard Evans accidentally shot an eighteen year old on twenty third street the team is in critical condition Evans is now in custody no word what led up to the shooting or how the to know each other authorities confirm a child's body found in Alabama earlier this month is a missing girl from Jacksonville decay waters chief of investigations at the Jacksonville sheriff's office broke the news for department of law enforcement has canceled the amber alert detectives say remains found your Dimopoulos Alabama belong to five year old Taylor Williams the cause of death not released the child's mother Breanna Williams is accused of child neglect and lying to investigators but has not been charged in her death Gordon bird newsradio WFLA open Ellis county widow says she's on the brink of financial ruin because of government incompetence Dunedin's Keelan Hammond died five months ago importer Rico but his widow Andrea says the government there cremated his body before doing an autopsy lost his blood work and then issued an inaccurate death certificate that means Andrea can't access the death penalty it's that is she's owed despite reaching out to lawmakers she says nothing's been done and bills are piling up holiday travel conditions are about to.

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