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It feels like for comedy. I'm a white guy. So i feel comfortable like going after white guys but then also like in the history they. I mean it's just been really damaging it's yeah and there's a lot of these white guys who are doing really bad thing alec. You're picking out the really good ones or even two good ones and shitting on them. I mean i remember the. I like the good ones. I'm like john brown like this are good but but so many. There's this one. I can't remember what is exactly but it's like very early on like it's a white dude trying to get some indigenous people to show him where like the iron is And the episode. Like as we're going through it. I'm like man. Just don't show this tube or the iron as like going man. I just hope and they just like seriously. They're doing pretty well. And then there's one do like wanna island one same kind of thing like don't give him your one thing. Yeah and then and then there's one guy who's like you know you're gone. Yeah just this morning. I mean. I listened to the most recent episode. Where as is a recurring theme. It's the kkk versus progressive organized workers. And oh guess which side the cops are on you know as it turns out concer awfully accidentally impartial to the kkk. And what year did that story. Or nineteen o. It's not yeah no sometimes. The years are galling. Sometimes i mean they genuinely i'll be like why did you say nine hundred fifty one that i listen to this morning. Which is the newest one ended in two thousand and sixteen. I stopped doing what. I thought we start. We started with fucking hoods on head twenty. Sixteen no yeah no it dude. I mean that. That's the thing is like i think when you think about how we are separated and kinda pitted against each other in the political environment that we're in it is because it's not going well like would they need to do that so that we don't fixate on the things and learn from the things When you actually do peel the onion even not that greatly you are astounded by what you see and really just so many fundamental changes that this country just needs to go through and you know. It's just unfortunate that we living had no matter. Who's this ship. You know the captain's always like i don't know if we can make it to the shore. Promise you taken somewhere yeah. Nobody's taken us anywhere. So you would think that we would be able to kind of coalesce around that are there's with your show like when you guys when you announce the dates in its eighteen hundred. Something it's usually going to be super ridiculous because it's going to be like the history of magnifying glass right hundred so you go. There's some distance. I'll feel bad at the end of it but i won't feel terrible. Nineteen five man. We haven't learned Yeah there's some to that high school fuck yeah two thousand twelve. I gotta tell me this before. We start get my bearings a little bit. I get some bourbon. Who came up with the idea for a show. Well dave dave came up with it. I mean you know. The idea is basic idea. He did the show where he just was reading the story kind of just himself and he kind of a writing them all himself. Yeah and he was just going through it and kind of reading what he'd written you know kind of processing it in real time a little bit And then i think he just found that people like this is crazy and and then so he had this idea of kind of rotating hosts. I'd been you know it. Just kind of the timing worked out really well where I sat in for another show that he had and then he had this. And he's like. I want you to be the first guest on the show and i okay so we sit down and we talk about the bundy's that the you know the bundy's who are Cliven bundy bundy and and we talk about That was it a little more current. Yeah i was aware of it. I knew what. I was aware of the situation. He was bringing up stuff. That i know obviously but but it went well and i think that we he and i just saw a very positive reaction early and so then i did the second one and then he was just like yeah. This just kind of works you know. and so. and that's sort of what i mean like. He plotted that part of it. But then it was like you know he probably thought that. Like i know some shit and instead i'm going. What do you mean benjamin. Franklin was a president. And he's got. This is like a new low. And and that that that component of my love for improv my holes as far as history goes kinda just played at the idea that there's some gamesmanship to i don't know anything and so you just remain this crazy thing. I don't know anything. And i'll just enjoy it. You know like definitely better half of the gig. I mean if you're talking about talking about work put friday. We just recorded one today. And i was trying to like he said it again. You know like i. Because i do all the work and i tried to do this thing where i'm like dude. You don't know how hard it is to come. You know but it like it's a little effect after a while. You just got to be like. Yeah you know. Life's unfair well. I think i'll go pick them up food on the road. It'll be like spaghetti all right. That's good yeah that's good like i occasionally race cars for fun..

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