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Yes good morning Chicago 1210 a.m. and we're taking the Bitcoin of America's Chicago Blackhawks postgame show all the way up to 1 o'clock in the morning That's just the way it goes sometimes and unfortunately the way it went tonight out in LA a four one winner for the LA kings I'm Joe brand This is the Bitcoin of America Chicago Blackhawks postgame show as the hawks now with just four I take that back 5 No I was right the first time Four regular season games left after this four one loss to LA as they now move this road trip to one one and O they will have one more opportunity to make it a winning road trip as they take on the San Jose sharks Saturday night out in California as their last trip out west seemed to be pretty promising for the Blackhawks but tonight unfortunately not enough and not able to take on the mighty LA kings This was a game that was controlled pretty much all 60 minutes in favor of LA the outshot the hawks 17 to 5 in the first period 28 11 in the second period The Blackhawks got one power play goal It was nearly overturned but luckily thanks to replay I shouldn't say replay because replay was the reason why it almost was overturned but there was not enough conclusive evidence to overturn it Patrick Kane picks up a power play goal but the hawks with the loss tonight fall to 26 41 and 11 The LA kings trying to clinch a playoff birth in the Pacific division Improved to 42 27 and ten LA grabbed their first goal in the first period another goal in the second period and then two to close things out in the third period as again the hawks has had a really tough time generating a lot of offensive momentum LA really had the stronghold of this one said earlier 17 5 in favor of shots on goal for the kings in the first 20 minutes the Blackhawks didn't pick up a shot on gold in the second period until 13 minutes in and then in the third period kind of happened again when they didn't get a goal or rather a shot on goal until 7 minutes in LA just making it very difficult for them to generate any type of momentum Colin Delia leaves this game in the third period after giving up the fourth goal and you hope that he's okay He had a pretty solid game today in terms of how many times he was challenged by the LA kings and giving up those four goals before exiting the ethnic CU goal was a breakaway opportunity for LA and then Moore's goal was a two on one rush 15 seconds after LA made it a three one lead So it became a complicated third period and just too much for Kyle and Delia and for the Blackhawks to muster up and this one was tough as the LA kings also take the season series over the Blackhawks as well two out of three games the hawks pick up a shootout victory back in March and that is still a long ways away from the Blackhawks last regulation win The last time they're out west they beat Anaheim in regulation they beat the LA kings in a shootout and then they did wrap things up with a rough comeback loss by the Vegas golden knights but they were able to string together a couple of solid performances but yeah unfortunately the Blackhawks have now not had a regulation win since March 23rd against the Anaheim ducks and that is going to reach now a month stretch as the next game will be against the San Jose sharks on Saturday These are the types of growing pains you have to go through in a rebuild Unfortunately these are the types of things that have to happen We've talked about it before the Blackhawks are missing A handful of some stable pieces in terms of who they started with at the beginning of this year we've talked about how losing Brandon Hegel makes you lose a lot of energy Makes you lose a lot of just grit and firepower and a lot of hard work a lot of pox one in the corner and a lot of good things that could just spark a little bit of energy with this team You lose Mark Andre flurry who really made a difference in this team I said it in the pregame show this Blackhawks team has coughed up 14 straight leads And again hasn't won a game in regulation since last march that shows how much of an impact mark Andre flurry as I had someone on Twitter kind of chirp back and me well that's just because the hawks are a bad team It's not just the case Mark Andre fleury can have impacts on great teams on good teams on bad teams on terrible teens He's just that type of goaltender that will keep you in any type of game no matter what state you are as a team and you can really see the difference since he's been shipped off over to the Minnesota wild speaking of the Minnesota wild They took down the Vancouver Canucks today 6 to three they're going to face the St. Louis blues in the first round of the poses and that is going to be a doozy of an opening series And again black hawks fans pretty much are Minnesota wild fans for the postseason because of the wild make it to the Western Conference final and Mark Andre fleury has at least four winds during that run into the Western Conference final potentially than the Blackhawks will pick up a first round pick from the Minnesota wild otherwise it'll be a second round pick We are at the mercy of postgame sound from the television broadcast on NBC sports Chicago and their postgame coverage so far Dylan strome has spoken that's been it so far We're going to hear from the head coach Derek king a little bit later too and possibly another Black Hawk a lot of times when games end in a loss they'll only have one person talking Dylan strome factoring in an assist on Patrick Kane's goal that came in the second period and it was quite a pass that Blackhawks top line of to bring it Cain and Dylan strome continue to just find their chemistry generate offense and thankfully in today's game because otherwise we'd be talking about another Blackhawk shutout It was really difficult for them to get anything going offensively And actually got a tweet on Twitter from new sex with some criticism of the Blackhawks game today No offensive strategy for outsmarting opponent defense not many angles Listen LA is a team that's fighting for a playoff spot right now They are playing at somewhat the top of their game And it's not an excuse but it's definitely an effector to keep in mind Another criticism not enough shots on gold not enough attempts That's clearly a case You'd like to see the Blackhawks shoot more but now Derek king is actually sitting down with the media Let's hear from the head.

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