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And i said that my son i go you know if you do it again i'm going to tell everybody we adopted you and then i looked at jeff and i realize what i said right and so i i i said to michael my god and he does not happens all the time i've heard that word awhile you know and and you know i'm close to their kids like i mean i would just and he was standing in front of a bus or my kids he may have a him and and wendy sister were there and babysat our kids when they were a little and just they have hilarious stories of from and the kids were little and and and so we feel the same way better in effect uh tracy's daughter calls wendy wendy mommy you know so we're that tight with them and their adopted so i i don't see that line anymore i just see it about life and about and i would like i think i've been a good father and they have been eroded father but i had this things i wish i had done better and i wish i had been in i change my share diapers although you know everybody jokes no you didn't you know i mean i could pete in the face quite a few times by but that's all ninety hotel but there is something about the man's ruin parenting and at this this study at the heart of the study says a women are that feeling men aren't really contributing they find themselves feeling emotionally distant from them and it it and actually is one of the reasons for divorce i will not ironically maybe coincidentally after the kids are gone oh yeah what it what am i i lost touch with you and i mean james talk about that all the time me we've known each other since we were kids by you just get lost in the whole being a mom and dad and ride job in the home and then he get home and you watch the show and and then like having a but we you know we try to have those conversations and remember oh you memory it i mean level women kizer little trying to find time you can have sex you know i'm which is an idea that that's when we liberal and you.

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