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No one cares about the books milwaukee right down the all wanna know air coming back. That's all everybody wants to know. Aaron rodgers coming back only action for you right now because you know when this finals does end. That's the only story that matters in milwaukee. Oh yeah and i. I think it was. Actually i mean especially now since the bucks beat the nets in the In the second round of the nba postseasons. Like the bucks have been very welcome distraction from the era roger saga and and the to almost converged. Yesterday there was some spurs and some talk that rodgers could potentially show up to last night's game. You're walkie. Rogers is a minority owner of the box and he has come to some postseason games. And we've seen some of his teammates most notably david yari who likes to choke beers once he gets on the jumbotron But i just don't at this point. I don't i don't see him coming back. Something has to change whether it's a contract whether it's i just don't see aaron rodgers being the type of pollution that after everything that's happened this offseason from mark murphy calling him and interesting fella to rogers talking going on sportscenter with kenny mayne talking about the culture and how those things need to change and maybe the organization doesn't care about the people was much more with with all these things that have been said. I just can't see him going guys. Forget everything that just happened. I'm pool. I'm coming back. I just. I don't see that happening right now. So right now. We're just kind of feels like they're playing a game of chicken less than two weeks away from you know veterans having a report to green bay for camp And my guess. I remember rogers. Being one of the more people i've ever come across And that's coming from someone who's pretty stubborn themselves I just don't see him coming back right now unless something changes so he can at least what he addresses the media. Point you yup. This was the issue. This is why. I'm coming back because this thing changed. The will unfortunately enjoy the finals while you can because you know that that storms come in and you'll be dealing with it for sure gave thanks so much for the time..

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