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Or Greenberg cosmetic surgery dot com Sarah time a year this is it you know people are winding down the hot weather coming into a little bit of the cooler weather now and a lot of people really need that restart that tune up not only for the face I always because the fall two not for the face but for the body as well yes of the kids are going back to school parents are getting back into that routine kids are getting back into that routine it's time to get everything together together you're out of the sun now summers winding down you want to refresh your scan the kids want their acne gone they're starting a new new year new great new friends and a lot of them are coming and complaining of having poor skin and they're having discoloration and this and that and the adults also and we have a dermatology division and we have our med spa here a combination of both to help with all of that and everything else all over the body to I think one of the things is Serra people are confused they just don't simply know what to do to make themselves look better feel better and certainly you know we look at the whole body and we look at the face to to start and we say well what's wrong you have read mark's Jeff brown marks give extra say he's given you have deep folder lines and there's all sorts of things that we can do now to really rejuvenate the face at work we're talking about patients want to look better people want to look and feel better and they don't know what to do but we kinda help them through that process you're one of the things that's super popular and probably the most common thing in the country is to do you injectables and we like botox and fillers and there's tons of your print ones there that we can do to help you look better we do a ton of injections here we have every injection imaginable from botox to any of the neurotoxins to any filler that they have out there so botox is great for those fine lines and wrinkles in the top third of the face the four had eleven lines the crow's feet you're in the sun all summer you're squinting even with sunglasses people squint on you're creating all those wrinkles smiling laughing unfolds on the the laugh lines the cheeks you start to lose volume that's for filler so we can put filler in all those areas on younger patients and older patients so we can do a full facial rejuvenation with just injections alone takes ten fifteen minutes total and then you can go back to your your normal activity right after there's no downtime with injections that's the beauty of it yet tons of things we can do you know Jack doubles as you said go a long way in terms of what we could do one of the things is you get rid of the forehead wrinkles the wrinkles along the crow's feet and that's botox and is a new injectable cold June vote now Jew vo is very simple the protest we get tons of questions here at Greenberg cosmetic surgery about did you injectable juvenile what it is yes of the newest toxin is juco it's a competitor with botox and Desportes and see a man and we've had a really really great results with a patient's love it it's lasting a long time sometimes patients who use a certain product for years and years and years they search you can use the product a little bit we'll try that you owe on them and look at a great result with that another great injection that we're doing now is P. R. P. were injecting Pierre P. with fillers a lot of times what is he is awesome we're doing a ton of it it's from your own blood so I draw your blood I spin it down I separate the P. R. P. from the red blood cells appear P. contains all that good stuff in your blood work harvesting all that that good nutrition and nutrients and vitamins and rejecting that into your skin this is really cool by the way take your own blood we purify we objected back into the face of so you just said that and it really rejuvenate the face in the skin I would say my favorite area to injected with filler a lot of times will combine it it's under the eyes we'll take the filler a lot of patients complain in the tier truck area under the eyes that they have shadowing and they have hollowness will take filler political filler there and then we'll take Pierre P. at the same time will inject that Pierre P. with the filler underneath the ice combination is great we've had great results we do we combine Pierre P. along with fillers and injectables a Serra said all the time it works really great two one two three one nine four nine nine nine two eight two three one nine four nine nine nine stock to Steven Greenberg it's nip tuck said let's go to our first phone call who's on with us hi doctor Greenberg hi Serra it's Leslie hi Leslie Leslie how old are you and where you from well I'm fifty five and I think it's time I think my face need some help here okay what bothers you most about your face well I have Jelling it seems to be my neck is meshing with my chin which never happened before my eyes it look puffy my lids are sagging my browser low I I just looked tired and I feel like I look age so this is what we do Leslie we do tons of what I call the the many faces a regular face of here Greenberg cosmetic surgery we can really rejuvenate the face when I look at the face I look at not only the skin we fix the scan but we look at the anatomy what's going on did you store sagging do you have deep folds do you have extra skin on your face or your your eye lids and it sounds like you do have some extra skin kind of falling and and gravity you know takes a toll on on on us over a lifetime right Sir yes and rarely do we ever do a single procedure a lot of times patients will combine procedures and it sounds like you also need your eyes done as well your upper and lower lids which doctor Greenberg combines that what the faceless a lot the also do a lot of fat transfers to the face so those people that you have are not always gone with the facelift will have to add some fab there as well you lose volume over time so take some fat will put that in some areas to bring back some volume will pull the skin and we'll take that puffiness away from your eyes I read something in one of your articles doctor Greenberg about your plasma left what's that all yeah that's actually pretty cool that's using the J. plasma laser that we use it goes under the skin so we pulled the skin back a little bit and we let the laser do some skin tightening so we don't really need any scores or decisions or down time with that and that works really pretty well as well so that's just another way to do a face left without any downtime sign me up guys so we'll be happy to see it for a couple that your consultation Leslie you'll come to either are well Manhattan office our Long Island offices were ever broke a with the Hamptons I'll come anywhere Dr green very happy to see you take a look at will figure out what works best thank you so much for the call to a two three one nine four nine nine nine or Greenberg cosmetic surgery dot com is the way to reach us you just hear everyone's confused of what we can do and it's really there's so.

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