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But two penalties for the start they might have ended up liverpool getting a point of this if you had the the buy your gold so you know he has to look at this and say to sell bouquet if we go they play against big teams in good teams improper teams in the champions league if we can do what we did in the fox half a to half they can play against antibiotic there 'cause they eta we had a great start lane there were breaking up the play and then it will look in dangerous on the break they can do that against any team in the champions league but they're gonna do for to offs because you're not going to build you locally we were against a real would rather a vassal walter centeno the edgy of barks and defending league trojan so is the as they way we know he's step right and it's hard to think that he's going to change especially when he's getting these results anyway as it's not going to change by what we're saying is that that version of mind to say not in the first half and i and ii i'll say exactly what's tvs it can compete against anybody that version on monday night at can that one in the second half no chance that one in the first half that knows there are strains okay we're we're gonna defend we're going to defend well we're gonna put local in areas that they don't want to be from their we're going to create turnovers and from there we're gonna attack and when we attack we're going to commit those numbers are we gonna take chances it's one thing to tactically be defensive it's another thing to be conservative and when you're conservative you limit yourself you limit europe opportunities going forward you lose momentum and then you lose the ability to have possession on the other side of the field and because you do that you allow other teams to grow into the game and liverpool again made a competitive for me meant to see not first half excellent secondhalf on necessarily dramatic to i'm luca.

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