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Of the Handmaid's tale actress. Elizabeth moss turns thirty six years old today. The news is coming up next. Live from NPR news, in Washington on trial, Snyder bowls are opening this hour in today's runoff election. In Georgia Republican voters still have to decide who will represent. The party for governor in, November roster. Ralph from member. Station w. a. b. e. in Atlanta sets the stage Georgia, Lieutenant governor Casey, k. goal is squaring off against secretary of state. Brian Kemp both wants to represent the Republican party as candidate for governor in November both have secured influential endorsements Casey k., goal has the support of popular outgoing Republican governor Nathan deal President Trump has endorsed k. goes. Opponent Brian Kemp the winner of the primary goes on to face democrat Stacey Abrams if. Elected she would be. Georgia's first democratic, governor in fifteen years and the country's first ever black female. Governor for NPR news I'm Ross Terrell and. Atlanta you Candida now we're investigators Are searching for a motive. In Sunday night's, shooting in. Toronto meanwhile vigil was held last night for the victims three people were killed. Including the suspected gunman thirteen others were injured Dan carpenter reports the suspect in the shooting. Rampage has been identified as twenty nine year, old Fazle Hussain he died after exchanging gunfire with police but not before he had walked along a busy, street firing into restaurants and cafes as well as pedestrians in a written statement. Hussein's family. Expressed condolences to the families who are now suffering because. Of their son's horrific actions the family also confirmed that Hussein had severe mental health, challenges and struggled with psychosis. And depression his entire life despite medication and therapy, Toronto's police. Chief Mark. Saunders says it's too early to establish, a motive. A ten year old girl in an eighteen year old, girl were killed in, the rampage for NPR news I'm Dan carpenter can Toronto. North Korea appears to have started dismantling key facilities at a. Satellite launch site the US, based monitoring. Group thirty eight North sites. Satellite, images taken over the weekend and says north. Appears to be taking, a step toward fulfilling a. Pledge made to. President Trump South. Korea's presidential office says Seoul has also to texted activity at the site witnesses have reported. Hearing multiple explosions in the Afghan capital, of Kabul today Reuters local media report at least two of the blasts were caused by rockets at least four people wounded NPR's, Diaa Hadid reports from Islamabad that there has been no immediate claim of responsibility local news outlet. Tolo said one of the rockets slammed into a house and another two rockets hit mountainside slope, the news outlets. Said the rockets appeared to be targeting a police academy close to the residential area the rocket attack comes just two days after a suicide bomber. Killed fourteen people outside the Kabul airport it had targeted. The vice president, who returned. To Afghanistan after leaving for Turkey for more than a year delayed NPR news. Islamabad and you're listening to n. p. News Increase at least. Fifty people have died and more than one hundred fifty have been injured as massive. Forest fires sweet through towns. Outside, Athens, reporter Joanna kisses is in. Athens she reports on the deadliest fire there more than a. Decade hundreds of firefighters have worked through the night battling the flames which have been fueled by strong hot. Winds one government minister suggested the fires were caused by. Arson rescue workers say many victims have died trapped in their, homes our cars Even Mattiello and he just found twenty six more. Bodies Greek Red Cross director Nikos Economou polos told state, TV what a terrible day the victims died embracing each other as their bodies. Burned hundreds of firefighters are battling the. Flames the continue to consume homes in. Forests the coast guard is rescuing survivors stranded on beaches and children in summer. Camps for NPR. News I'm Joanna kakissis in, Athens Turkey and Spain are responding to the Greek government's appeal for help Turkey offering to send firefighting. Aircraft Spain says it has sent Fibi planes to fight the, fires a popular kid snack the subject of a recall because of concerns about salmonella. Pepperidge farm, says it has voluntarily recalling four types of its goldfish, crackers including the flavor blasted extra cheddar and flavor blasted sour cream and. Onion also the baked with whole grain extra cheddar variety and goldfish mix extra cheddar and pretzel the products are distributed throughout the. Country but the company, says Has no illnesses have been reported on trial Snyder. NPR news from Washington Support for NPR comes.

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