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They move up large in the college football playoff rankings coming out on Tuesday. Second Iowa Wisconsin, after what I saw from Iowa against perdue, I don't know if I can ever pick them. If Sean Clifford would have finished out against that game against Penn State, they would have lost that game too. Now they got blown out by perdue. Now they're at Iowa. I mean, at Wisconsin, Wisconsin to me, not as strong as they were, but they're a decent four and three team and they just be perdue at her do. They're winning games. And guess what? Somehow, this game right now is for like first place in the division. This would not Iowa really awful lot. I'm going with Wisconsin. I'm going with the badgers to win this game, I believe they win it. It can't Randle stadium. I don't have big faith in grand merge or patriots on the Wisconsin side. I don't think any of these quarterbacks are good. I think this will be a defensive battle of attrition. But I think it Wisconsin can put up more points in Iowa when they feel like it. Texas Baylor, oh, I've got to feel probably delusional. I'm Texas to win this one in Texas has let me down so many times, the Arkansas game and others, I mean, baelor 6 and one, but I've liked the explosiveness. I've seen from Texas. It's just him a hold onto a lead and keep it and win the game. I don't know. I think Steve's artesian can do it. I know the first year, you're building towards it, but you need key wins. This is a key win in a tough environment at Baylor. I like Steve sarkesian to get it. Georgia, Florida, arm rooting heavily. For Florida, miscarry, I want Georgia to lose. Having one loss on my record, however, I don't think that'll happen. Georgia has the best defense to me by far in the country. The defensive line is great. The secondary is great. Instead some benefits playing good. I don't think they need JT Daniels as the guy right now. They're running game as good. Everything's just complementary, and it'll be too much for Florida to overcome who has a quarterback situation of your own between Emory Jones or Anthony Richardson. So I think that'll be too much Georgia wins the game. Texas tech Oklahoma, I want to pick a globe and a win big, however, I've seen enough from Oklahoma this season to say, I don't know if you'll ever win big. I'll pick Oklahoma to win though. I don't care who's at quarterback spinster rattler kill Williams. It seems like they always pull the rabbit out of the hat. One last magic trick to win the game. That's what Oklahoma does and they've been doing it this year. I don't think Texas tech can upset Oklahoma. Even though one of these times I pick Oklahoma, they'll lose. I just feel it. Old miss and auburn, I'm surprised how much support is for auburn in this game. I know auburn's a good team, but to me, I've seen so many bad performances. But one against Georgia, you know, Penn State was decent and LSU. They could have lost, but to me, almost is a better team. I like Matt carral. To me, he's a favorite to win the Heisman. So I'm going with the better quarterback. I know it's an away game in a tough environment. Both teams are really looking to keep hopes alive. And the winner of this game.

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