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Wilde. I always appreciate your take on everything. We'll talk again soon. Okay, Thank you. See you later. This is Ko Phi que os THD to Los Angeles. Let's take a look at some problems on the 14. We do have a couple of them that one an act in its on the 14th south and it's Santiago Road wreck up against the center divider. Lots of commotion. So your drive is affected at Soledad Canyon and not unusual the best guess rocks in the 14 North bound side. It would also canyon That's a wreck with an overturned car. It's in the right lane. Two other cars in the carpool lane. So what that's doing and not so much on the North bound side. Do you have any delay? But it's really on the South found side those lookie loos or get going to get you from about Agua Dulce Canyon as you head south on the 14 Hey, if I and the sky is sponsored by injury attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Will Cole's driver in for Jeff Bob, take a look at the 1 18 you know, 1 18 freeway westbound. We did have reports that there were some planes taken away. For as they watched earlier fire brushfire in this area doesn't look like it's causing much in the way of delays. It's up, actually kind of towards the top of the Santa Susanna pass there. Uh, near past rocky, not near Topanga Canyon, but at any rate it is causing very little slowing on either direction of the 1 18 injured in the accident. Is it superwoman super lawyer dot com. Will Kohlschreiber buy this guy? A fun activity in Bellflower on the 91 eastbound on Bellflower Boulevard, a car in the left lane and one on the right shoulder and some volume from Liquid Boulevard? Hey, if I and this guy helps get to there faster I'm robbing banks. This hour of Ko Phi is sponsored by some Lux Southern California's best value in solar dial, Pound, 2 50 say son Lux. Termites are still out there still munching on your house. And since they do not stop eating,.

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