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One moment i remember about this game was they're freaking penalty was the neutral zone infraction it was terrible pay i call it a falsestart okay right automatic first down ads and then vitality of breakdown feel touch that basically gave all those those patriot adding ever yet and i don't necessarily mean the penalty going their way the way they took advantage that's it that's why i say to jaguars can't give them anything right you can't give the pats anything no doubt brian staten island hit brian how will you what's up guys how's everything you know i just wanted to put this out there because i haven't heard much about where to important if you think about in the history of the nfl marshall cooke slowly sacu where a quarterback to almost five hundred yards and six touchdowns maybe five but to me it was fixed that level was stoked by multiple bomb that they ever wants to football game present team ever wants to football game if they are high level in the playoffs where quarterback fix you know what i'll look the numbers look up the numbers but they gain the jumps out at me and thanks for the call was that arizona green bay game over time or is it fifty five forty five forty five carlos stands be interception return touchdown that that only that's a good one zero go the numbers i'm brian rob right now that's the game that comes out of me as far as like amazing offense of statistics and it was obviously a writer in this rain and the loser was aaron rogers who royal all right two thousand nine season january ten two thousand ten he went 28 for forty two rogers arron rogers the loser in this game yet.

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