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That's right. We're back for another episode of Cape Lunatics to Me Phil Little Hellfire? Of course, and we have a very special guest. If you've read their devil in the nineties I'm sure you probably have read at least some of issues written by this man he wrote many Mr Digi Chichester Hello Sir. How are you Hello Phil? Hello Lilla. Thank you guys for having me on. It's I, love the I love your podcast of the name your podcast, a lot of fun to be here. Yes some of US Cape some of are lunatics. In Uber Amber Lunatic. Lunatic okay okay. I Love the moon. Anyway. Yes. So I do my homework I. I heard an older podcast with you been trying to do some reading so. I was very interested Psych I. Guess you've. You always wanted to be a writer. Oh, yeah I mean it's it's. It's a curse gift I. Guess You know at a certain point you realize stories or something you can tell yourself by putting some words down and I probably could still find some really godawful. HP lovecraft inspired you know stories that I cobbled together you know and I was very young and and continue on and and hopefully got better but it was it's it's something I've always identified myself with no matter what role I've had ultimately, I always call myself a writer. And the the most interesting thing. For those early years I saw was I guess you were a big DC guy on not even a marvel guy like, oh you. Absolutely it was. My. Brother had marvel comics and he he at one point Ed subscription to a bunch of them but they never struck a chord with me for whatever reason Maybe it's shallow. I would when I would go in my comics run to not even a comic store at that point but just the the local newsstand I would just come back with with bags of DC comics and I like to the characters of the university environment the Justice League Phantom Stranger I mean these were. Characters really resonated with me the the one letter I ever wrote to a comic was to firestorm own and and that was what my mic crew Dresser Drawer Comic Collection I. SMART. ENOUGH TO HAVE A. comic boxes even you know it was just I took all the clothes, stuck them in the closet, and then all the dresser dressers in my room became just all the comics stockton organized. It's funny. You say that yes. As a kid, I had at least two or three treasure trove four. The horror of appreciate your book spoke. Oh. Yeah. No. No I mean they were really well the there were their own space make no mistake. They definitely had everything organized and the little dresser to the side was all the the horror comics and the house of mysteries and the eary's, and over here was very particular. The well-cared-for well-cared I I'm sure. I. Mean I'm sure I had a daredevil tour low I'm Mo- most of them in there were Mr Chichester here is make it damn. Make It. Okay then. All right yes. I just remember you know. When did you start ninety one I was thirteen years old I remember it by the neighborhood poll talk some kids about you know all did you see that last? Did you see issue to ninety three with the punisher Oh yeah. That's great I think. To Ninety, two to ninety three, it was A. was a good one to jump into. We had some good good plans I think executed on on a lot of them. Oh Yeah. and really big Batman Fan girly growing up. Yeah, I, love. Batman. Batman A. Denny O'Neil's Batman. It was a big influence especially as they were shifting things through and then as I got more into comics as many people, do you start to apply into the back issues and then you start to discover even more of the stories that missed the first time around. So close I was lucky enough that my parents would indulge me as we'd go on road trips as I was a kid and then we would find. Again. Not a comic store, but a used bookstore that sort of thing that had piles of comics there was one in Vermont I remember really distinctly of Putney Vermont because we used to go to for summer trips there and this used bookstore Sir store junk store, whatever it was just had a basement full of comics and make them go out of their way to go there, and then I would come back with a new hall in new captured a lot of those were definitely Batman influenced. I mean I could tell well I'll tell I mean I I like the way I I think I've never seen anyone else really do this like there are certain stories where you have that. Daredevil, Matt Murdock kind of like almost. Wiping out the detective skills just like especially with like the hyper-sensitive touch it's like, Oh yeah. Why wouldn't you know I love the senses in the South Academy became such a a big part of of who he is and once you start to play there you know you get into these these whole ideas of what he you From there I mean if you're looking at it from a character point of view, he's nowhere near the level of a detective as Batman is or should be but There's definitely aspects of understanding with those senses. Mean they did a lot of Nice things just rewatch data parts of the Netflix show and they they did some of that on there. I think really well too with those moments where he would hear feel something then connect the dots I thought the handle that really well. Yeah I mean again, I love your writing with those senses. 'cause I think a lot of times in the modern comics forget about some of those sentences or just I. Mean Kaz even to setting the scene of things like if something's on fire and I know you had like, you know he could smell smell like the soot from the fires. Out. All the senses combined and it's just I don't feel. Competent he made him..

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