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Hi welcome to season two of bite. This is tony till auto and so parenting an apocalypse. It's it's not the same way you know how it works. Any views usually two to four minutes long but sometimes they can be a little longer. When you when you live long enough. All kinds of strange things happen very right in saying that. The greek heroes where the original heroes in part because of hopeful nature of genes vision but also because of its message of diversity and inclusion david hasselhoff speculated with me on how he would do a knight rider movie and the style kit the way he was and then bring it into the you know two thousand and twenty and bring it into now and you know it could be like kit meets. Michael is well michael. You look a lot older and say well things have changed since you've been gone and then house fast michael and i say all the cars talk now and it's great because they all do you know and then yeah. I turbo boosted have a car whiz by kit. Kit goes what happened. I said well buddy you need to hit refresh. And he goes michael. What's for fresh. You know he doesn't know he's gotta be updated into the technology of today and of course we'll do the movie and then make su are that we should be and it'd be cool absolutely. It would be a lot of fun to see that i really would be up for. You also has an audio book up against the wall. Listen to his flashback. Autumn eighty nine east. Germany changes in the air like the winds of fall and on the freedom can be sniffed communist. Europe is crumbling and moscow. Gorbachev is opening the way to the end of the soviet union in prague. People are marching changes coming and east. Germany to the feeling is in the air like the chris snap of fall freedom in their minds and hearts and on their lips. My hit single looking for freedom. Unbeknownst to me this song a chart topper in west. Germany has also become an underground anthem in the east traded on homemade cassettes sung in bars and nightclubs. I'm a star among fans. I have never met and who have never seen or heard me except in blurry photocopies and pirated tv signals. Look for up against the wall. The audio book read by david hasselhoff himself on audible for bite. This is tony takada..

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