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And weather BG Sacramento and I'm calling upon from ABC news I'm Michelle Franzen in a rare move U. S. health officials issuing a quarantine for the one hundred and ninety five Americans that returned earlier this week on a flight from China and aggressive move trying to keep the deadly corona virus from spreading this is the first time in over fifty years of their CDC has issued a mandatory quarantine order with corona virus spreading out federal quarantine order is now being imposed on all of those who landed here in California this week from Wuhan China on an evacuation flight they'll be in quarantine for fourteen days a length of incubation that will American United and delta airlines will stop all flights to and from mainland China ABC's Alex stone health officials say the risk of the corona virus for Americans remains low compared to China where two hundred and thirteen people have died the impeachment trial has resumed in what is shaping up to be the last day house trial managers making a last minute plea to senators to allow witness testimony but before gavel in hand GOP senator Lisa Makowski says she's a no vote to allow further testimony A. B. C.'s merry Bruce tells us it sets up to keep both Republicans are confident now that they do have the votes to block additional witnesses those four hours will be split between the two parties then you're gonna see that vote we do expect it to fail and Republicans then it seems wanna move quickly to to that final vote on the articles of impeachment but there's a lot of procedural hurdles that they have to get through end up closing arguments the White House today hosting a summit marking the twentieth year of the victims of human trafficking and violence protection act of two thousand president trump also commented on the trial we have a lot of great senators that wanted to be here so desperately but I said just stay where you are and do your job the president signed an executive order to combat human trafficking tonight at the staples center in LA the LA Lakers set to take on the court for the first time since the death of Kobe Bryant the star basketball player who died in a helicopter crash last weekend you're listening to ABC news and I heard a radio station news ninety three point one KFBK I'm John but I see eleven oh two with your top local stories eleven thousand people a day have been signing up for health insurance this week through the state's health exchange and today's the last day to sign up covered California executive director Peter Lee says you don't want to go without insurance because it will cost you a pretty penny literally ranges based on how much money you make in your family size of the family of four minimum penalty is two thousand dollars a year but it goes up if you make a lot of money you make a lot of money could be thousands more than that the deadline to sign up as midnight tonight more information can be found at the covered California website the commercial crab season doesn't officially end until April first but many crabbers are already calling it quits after only six weeks the local supply was smaller than expected and it's dwindling the head of the bodega bay fisherman's marketing association says that the late season along the far north coast in Oregon put more pressure on opening fishing spots on open fishing spots along the central in cinema county coast as a result the dungeon as population has been nearly fished out an Eldorado county sheriff's office warning of two new phone scams going on authorities say people have been reportedly getting text messages from someone claiming they have been paid to assassinate them the scammer then tells the victim they can pay a fee to spare their lives in the other scam the department reports that victims receive calls from people who claim their child has been kidnapped and weather together here's Brian nobles brought you this time around by team Ford woodland south.

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