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L central avenue cops have are trying to cut power to the crane and make sure that the guy cannot mess with the controls a clippers and lakers will not be taking part in the nba postseason the clippers were officially eliminated from the playoffs after last night's loss to denver at staples center l i will miss out on the postseason for the first time in six years head coach doc rivers says all he and his players can do now is look toward the future the lapd bomb squad as defused a grenade in north hollywood the device was found behind an apartment complex earlier today at about twelve thirty this is not the first time a grenade has been found in that area back in march family members cleaning out a deceased relatives home found four to five grenades they say we're brought home from the vietnam war era we have restarted franchise a season began with chris paul joining the rockets and jj leavings the free agent signing with the philadelphia jamal crawford becoming a member of the timber wolves so talking about the basketball situation lineup clippers and lakers not in the postseason only twelve percent of women say they are confident that they will be able to fully and comfortably retire steady from transamerica center for retirement suggest one reason for the low number is that women make less than men on average so they save less when they need to be saving more speaking women live longer than men which means we need to be saving even more for retirement transamerica president catherine collins says women are also more likely to take time off for parenting or caregiving and are more likely to work part time without benefits like a 401k collins says the first step to becoming more confident is to calculate white you'll need after retirement something only ten percent of women report doing amy king kfi news republican senator susan collins says congress needs to do more over recite into epa administrator scott pruitt is daily drip of accusations of excessive spending and ethical violations served to further distract.

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