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I think it's important to point out that's a good thing i haven't heard nba speak up about it certainly i haven't heard them gone you know lend their support to the big three of three a dude like ice q i was proud to see the russell westbrook's at a world show up to a game it's also along with others that's a big deal as it pretends to allen iverson couldn't play in philadelphia dehydration doctors note didn't show up in dallas family issues involved his child but didn't call is cuban this tournament doesn't need that again we talk about my man here my little brother everybody knows how far bag allen iverson and i go i love him dealy and i'm in if he says it was a family issues a family issue my response is why coach call why could you give them a heads up and let everybody know you went on bhidia just like the fans of philadelphia found at an hour prior to your team playing in it you wanna go play who you think the folks at philadelphia came to see i've said this before and i say this again ladies and gentlemen they're very few athletes in the history of sports in el of north american sports that have had such a profound impact on communities like alan ours allen iverson is so big tom if he put on a suit and showed up it would be news just put on a suit.

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