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How good the guys around you are in in speaking of how good some of these guys are around the offense of line and just regardless on this team the other headline that i'm super locked in on. Chris is just over. How the new big name free agents are going to mesh with this roster during camp to we actually get to see what their roles are going to be like. Do we think that the offense and the defense are going to be different with kennedy golladay dettori jackson. I'm going to be really keen on ways that they are implemented within this group how quickly they are thrown into Major roles and again how things schematically might change with different play styles that we've seen from guys at receiver corner a. I don't think we're going to get a complete answer. Certainly not right away. I think we'll start to get more of an answer. Maybe general shape of an answer once the pads. Go on because you know right. Now as we record the i i don't i think the giants are just in their helmets. Basically running around shorts and a t-shirt running routes against air that sort of thing once shells go on once they can have full pads on the lineup. have eleven on. Eleven practices is starts to really look like football. I think that will start to get our real answers now as far as the schemes. Go i think we might see something kind of in that maybe the first half of the second preseason game and maybe the first quarter of the third. I'll be honest. I have no idea how the what the rhythm of the preseason is going to be like with just three games. I kind of like the way they had it before. Where first game is just purely vanilla. Start working a little bit scheming in the second game. Third games the dress rehearsal and then fourth game. Basically let the guys at the back into the roster play their asses off to try to earn a spot. But yet this year we'll we'll see how that all develops. We might not get a real look at how the passing offense and the defense particularly the coverage schemes are going to really look like this year until we see in week one because right now the team not showing their hand is an advantage like they have. They obviously have to install all these concepts. Get the general scheme ironed out. So guys can execute Quickly well you know when it's live but they also don't wanna put too much on tape when it doesn't matter yeah exactly and they'll probably not do a ton of that during the preseason games instead we'll probably see some hints of it during training camp practices. They need to work on various things and they'll spend more time doing the really intricate deep stuff during meetings. When the the the the media is obviously not around and some of the practices were the media is not allowed to be in participation and viewing those practices. But the way that i'm also looking at it maybe on it like a simplified sense is where does kennedy holiday lineup where they ask him to play. I know that might seem obvious. But maybe they have some creative ideas and options for him. Maybe they put him in some different scenarios than he was with the lions. I'm really curious to see how jason garrett tries to get him in work them into the offense. Is he a guy that they're going to prioritize getting targets to or is he just an added head that hey if he's open he's open and then i think the opposite of that with dorie jackson who probably going to be covering kenny. Golladay on on some reps during practice. It'll be fun to watch those one on ones. But where do they specifically lineup. dorie jackson. I think that it seems like he's going to be that that outside. Cb too but they could get creative. We know patrick. Graham loves the play around with guys. You might see something that they weren't using him for in tennessee. They might try to ask them to do something different and unique because we know he is a fantastic athlete. So pay attention to that as well. Dorie jackson definitely capable of wearing different hats than what he was doing with the titans. Yeah and i think some of the things that could give us clues are how they work in. Maybe like the individual settings you know if we start to see kenny. Gallet running downfield more. Maybe that is a clue that the giants are want to run that more. Vertical offense we've been talking about pretty much all off season you know will adore jackson be working against slot. Receivers more you know. He did play well in the slot in tennessee. Could could we see him. Maybe in man coverage more at maybe look at some of hell. Some of the other players guys like logan ryan xavier mckinney. Will they be in more single high looks. Maybe the giants could be transitioning or trying to saw more of a a cover one aggressive man. Defense little things like that. I think are going to give us our best clue before we see the scheme you know fully on game day last thing. I just want to toss in here. Chris a now folks. Our this is still on script with with dory jackson now. I think that one thing to you know if anyone wants to laugh at me for bringing this upper thinks it's crazy for bringing this up. I think with the door. Jackson i also. I don't know if maybe they ask them to return some kicks during camp if they ask them to do that because if you remember he did it in college he's done it sometimes with the titans not allied but we still. Julius peppers are not joys peppers pro peppers. julius peppers real peppers returned kicks last year. They ask anybody. Were to return kicks. So maybe they had dory. You want to return some kicks. He seems like a guy that likes doing that stuff. Even had some some reps as a receiver at usc early on in his career so he might be a guy that says coach. If gerbil return kicks. Why can't i return kicks so that that's kind of like a fun. Fold to throw in there. That they might just work them in for just for the hell of it to see what he can. Do you know. I wouldn't bet against. Julius peppers returning kicks at some point. I know i sure as hell wouldn't want to try to tackle him. But as far as dorie jackson that wouldn't surprise me at all. I mean we talk again again again and again. Just how important. Special teams are to the giants. They've got three special teams coordinators on their coaching staff. Joe judge they've got basically two guys running their special teams unit mcluhan tom quinn. So i wouldn't surprise me if we see djibril peppers if we see a door jackson who seek area's tony back there fielding punts returning kicks and i think the more options they haven't as athletes that just. It's that much better. Which i know. Giants fans are flashing back. Jason seahorn end win saying and just saying please. God no yet. Just send somebody. I don't know back there but if you can get dynamic athletes to return that is a weapon and that is something each of these guys have has done a fair amount of and they have been good at it so why not at least try. Yeah might as well give him a shot and i am context that he ran a four four two. So we know this. This deutz fast is going to move. He iki get downfield very very very quickly so Pay attention to that. That might be a a really underrated.

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