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Jessica Rabbit, Churchill, Murder discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast


Jessica who at this point is like a very nice girl, the very plain looking and then at one point she finally dresses up like just rabbit, and they're just like oh holy shit. She actually cleaned up. Really, well, where they go to rescue her in this other girl, Wendy from not Peter pans, Wendy from a very dastardly Nazi agent who was pretending to run a relation the US. And they have Jessica she's sending out these messages like an access version of Tokyo rose the guy who ran the radio station it meanwhile, plotting on sending a rocket to Malta and killing FDR Stalin and Churchill so. Yeah, it's kind of crazy. And then of course, the black cat has superpower is that if he walks in front of anybody. Thirty something falls on them. Which is what am I favor Tex Avery cartoons? Dog trouble. What do you say? Okay. That's great. No. Just put paid like days. They go day gets bed luck. And if you haven't eat me. Yes, whistle. But yeah, it's absolutely nuts. And then eventually all the cartoon show up and begin to murder all these Nazis. So it's a great story. I'm very surprised if I didn't make this movie because to me it was actually fairly entertaining weird. But entertaining that also sound horrifying you wanted to know the rules in this universe. Here you go you can murder people as long as they're only Nazis. I'm just picturing peg leg Pete from the Mickey Mouse cartoons with just this bloodthirsty grin and a baseball bat like the bear Jew front glorious bastards closing in on somebody imagining Mickey Mouse with the helmet cut out with his spot for his ears. Oh, that's door will until you realize that he's pulling a pin on a grenade stuff. I get into a Nazis mouth and going. And then smashing it down their throat. Yeah. It's real funny until Mickey Mouse starts blowing people up the whole idea going back to town the whole idea of walking into a room and everything is anthropomorphic that kind of scary the bear in the room on. This is the cartoons are terrifying. If you start to think about them actually being around you. Sure. Right. The chair that you're sitting on right now could end up talking to you. And it's just like that's kind of freaking me out. Thank you, Jerry sort of you. You will always do. I might say the same of you cherry been teasing a lot lately. And I want you to know him. Sorry, hearing sit on another thing that we didn't talk about. And I don't know if this is pertinent or not, but the scene with Jessica rabbit, where she falls out of Benedict cab that the animators I thought I think they probably thought they were a little cheeky. So they were like, maybe should we should give Jessica rabbit of giant. Well, I hear different stories about that too. As far as oh, that's just your dirty mind going in that she was wearing underwear. So do I I'm sure that there's a screen cap of whatever that's supposed to be out there. But the thing is I don't have a laser player. So I can't we can't confirm or deny it. I just pictured crisp buzzing his old VHS copy and running up with a dry race. Mark. Ker and like adding it in back into the left. It's right here back it up. And here it is or the scene where baby Herman goes underneath a woman's dress and comes back with some drool on his face. But you know, that one's a little bit more salacious which again, I'm perfectly fine with in the scheme of this movie because it does need to have that mix. Like, we talked about before the scene in the script of just rabbit singing at the club is interesting because the guide went here. I think the guys are both human and cartoon even those weird because in the club in the movie, it is a strictly human like cartoons can only be behind the bar serving people or you know, up on stage kind of thing that cannot be patrons. But in the script, the people in the cartoon characters watching her are acting like the wolf from the red riding hood, a little red riding hood cartoon..

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