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Hello staffy speech where Madonna welcome to episode of Make It Stop Bad Music Times I'm Heather Mac Mike Dunn and we're back in the saddle one on one as this is Fun to occasionally do. We've had some wonderful guests wonderful episodes recently but We're GONNA do another one of our worst respective 's of Looking back at a very famous popular artists career and choosing Cherry picking the worst. First of their you know long. Many decades of contributions to our culture and we are going to sneer ear and short all at their occasional follies. Even though there's some of the most prolific artists of all time So we have done done. Three of these types of episodes are. This is our third who did to previously which were David Bowie and Prince. Yes I bring that up because I recently had lunch with my dad and he admitted that he was very upset that we even ever bothered to David Bowie. Worst of episode road to that. I say he should listen to the songs and then wake reassess. I know he didn't have much to say when I was like come on. New York's in Love New York's and love soon he yeah he yeah but mistreats it. Does he liked it. And no no but I think he would argue that like that. The whole whole of their contributions of David Bowie's contributions like far outshine. The you know occasional duds which eight you know is totally true but we are here to be snarky assholes also find the worst and everything. Yeah I mean that's kind of what we do and for the most part you know we focus on bad artists but I mean sometimes you get a turnover those rocks for your heroes and see the the gritty underbelly. The were like it's not we're not saying prince or David Bowie is bad. We're not saying thing with Donald Dad. You very lean we very lead guys already. So that's right now. I didn't oh but they already know it. Because they eh dot. It also said Bitch I'm Madonna can point we're talking Madonna CICCONI leaders and Oh yeah baby guests her real name just like Prince Prince Rogers Nelson and David Bowie was like something else David something. Oh I think he was David Joan David. That's right but he wouldn't be Davy Jones monkey so anyway. This is reflecting our knowledge. Guys we're here to speak our truth and to talk about Madonna the highest selling female artist of all time. Yeah yeah real trailblazer too. I mean if you look at top selling artists I watched this like INFO this like INFO graphic video showing the top charting artists of every quarter of every year. Starting with nineteen seventy. Yeah and it's like like it's all it's all dudes all the way until nineteen eighty to nineteen eighty three. And then it's Madonna and from then on you start seeing more and more female female artists start getting top hits you start seeing Celine Dion Carey. She kinda opened the doors for that stuff for. Yeah for I guess. Society as a whole start valuing women popstars. It's true. Yeah I mean we had Debbie Harry you know. He did have similar but she was. Yeah and Madonna definitely broke. I mean she yes. She paved the way for so many artists and is so legendary dairy that you know it is really kind of hard to take aim at Madonna. Donna has done some wild shit. Yes yes we'RE GONNA TAKE A. It's no worries. There will be some aim we'll be we'll be cocked and loaded for definit- definitely some some songs. But I do think that part of the reason why Madonna has done so much wild shit and has made More especially as of late in her career more misteps steps musically is because bitch she's Madonna and because she's kind of had such a such an aura. Such a protect of of protection around her and of and respect that she maybe is not as beholden to like taste anymore. Or you know what I mean like. She doesn't listen to anybody because she does what she wants. I would also argue that you know and I don't mean this disrespectfully Fli right But I do think that Madonna's whole career has been based around sort of appropriating something that's happening in the current Zeitgeist and fucking slaying putting her own mark on it you know. Yeah she did it. If you like with Erotica Erotica yes. down-tempo vogue yeah and the votes lasak appropriation. Right there that yeah And then onto onto even you know Ray of light like that was you know she was tapping into the electron that was happening at the time. And then even like like confessions on a dance floor. Like the resurgence of disco and French house and stuff. Yeah and I think then Ed Bitch I'm Madonna getting so feed to produce it exactly. Yeah and I think the problem is and you know. I don't want to spoil too much but a lot of the songs on this list are GonNa come from in her more recent albums as she gets older and as Pop Music morphs into an increasingly You know sort of robotic. EDM driven idea harper him. Ju Yeah just the latest the latest last few iterations of what pop music is. I don't really fit the Madonna aesthetic or it's just she's really having trouble adapting feeling well and I think that's the problem is that she went from setting the stage and setting the tone and leading the way to then having to Kind of follow and and she knew it like she. She has plenty of of of famous. You know writers and producers around her that she can easily call on and so she can approximate a sound of an of a time But before she would take that and she would really transform it and subvert it and do things like kiss black Jesus feet You know in a music video for for like a prayer and then you know cut to process burning and then a gospel choir singing and dancing around here. So she's still doing pretty pretty provocative stuff but it's people aren't really taking notice like they used to right well and it's also the Kabbalah stuff and there's fake accents and there's a lot of fake accents just going to the Lindsay Lohan school actually Lindsay Lohan was going to Madonna's school. The cost lyrical flaunting of her privileged privilege. Yeah like it's a big. But then the sanctimonious yeah the combination of both things of like. I'm looking down on you for not being in woken up and seeing through this American farce. But I'm GonNa talk about shaking my ass and doing pilates having three nanny again. I want to stress like I love. Madonna yeah I really do. I actually realized in the of course of this. How much I I really love Madonna more than I even gave myself for her credit for like I I was like I'm a huge aged prince fan? I'm a huge Bowie Fan. And when it was like worse than Madonna was like Oh this is going to be easy and even some of these songs like we had to go back and forth of until the very end to pick the the you know the bottom ten. 'cause some of them I was like this is honestly pretty good and actually a lot of them still they have like really good elements but then they oh my God that can be so terribly really frustrating and ruined and and you know eviscerate all goodwill that you build towards them. So don't worry stop as we do our due diligence. Actually Mike did his due-diligence and so you should talk about your process. How many albums? How many compilations will I will say? My Twenty Nineteen spotify wrap top artists was Madonna. Yeah it's because of this. I listened to every single Madonna Song ever fourteen studio albums three soundtrack albums five live albums. I didn't listen to live albums. Six nine six compilation albums did listen to the original songs on the compilation albums and thirty five other limited releases. I don't know that I got all of those I did. Did you listen to some songs that only releases a single lake Justify my love but obviously that song is good Didn't make this list and what what I did is I listened in reverse chronological order and I will say hether. I agree with you some of the songs they picked or some of the songs that would be sort of like squabbled over which ones we were going to use. Are there elements of them. That are good. I will say listening to her. Most recent albums twenty nine hundred. Madame exe which you were saying should have made the worst maybe made? The worst of the year definitely was a contender. But Yeah Twenty. Nine hundred madame x twenty. He's fifteen rebel. Heart Twenty twelve's MDA. I listened to the Super Deluxe versions of those albums which are like thirty tracks each And the the effect of listening to all those new Madonna songs like in a row for hours. It's as a some. They're worse than the individual parts. It is a cluster headache like several. It was a bad experience listening to the first few albums I did. Not It like it is starting to like hate Madonna. Oh them but then it was like as I started getting into Starting with two thousand five confessions fashions on the dance floor which is fucking amazing which is checked out a great album start from there and there was American life which I think is her. Absolute worst album Our friends at Jukebox heroes did an episode with our friends at Rock Candy. Yeah about that Albert Candy. Also on the Pantheon podcast network podcast network Everything before that like Music Ray of light bedtime stories erotica all that shit into the eighties classic material like it was like getting out of a cave into coming out of like crawling my way out of a cave into like the shining light next to a beautiful babbling creek. A A statue of the Virgin. Mary then comes to life and Madonna's making out with her in there becomes her. See that you just got a good idea. Madonna make that video. Oh but that's I think yes so it became a great experience not much bad stuff up until the two thousand. Yeah I mean. Honestly that's where we're all of us fell apart. Didn't we But she is definitely one of those eighties like we talk. We've talked about how a lot of seventies artist filled in the eighty s and a lot of eight hundred ninety s couldn't adapt but Madonna adapted well into her forties. And then I guess that was the shift where it went from from something that felt effortless trail-blazing into something that felt very effort full very like trying very hard to kind of catch up as opposed to setting the pace. And I don't know how that happened. I don't really know exactly. You know why that happened. I just decided maybe that there were so many Generations of now artists and and popstars budding. You know in her wake that we're so influenced by her like the Lady Gaga is that just kind of came came out and did Madonna into the next level. I don't know you know what I mean. Like her. Protege is kind of like took over. You know it's also Bir- Bowie was like. He was a popular artists but he was. You Know Glam Rock Experimental Art Rock. Yeah Prince had the defunct along the MINESSOTA sound he was popped too. But I've Madonna's pretty much pure pop has changed so much and it's a young person's it's your person's game yeah and also also she. Her brand is based around her sexiness. And she's clinging to that still into her sixties which she's looks great last look she does but like. It's still awkward. It's awkward. It's amy poehler from mean girls coming in with little teacup dog. Kuma Oh mom it's cool you can have a drink. I don't mind if you have it in the house like you know. And it's it's it's great that she's a cool mom but it's not it's not actually cool right at that's point. Yeah I'm the same way. It doesn't hit the same way that it did once so she also just started feeling like she needs to get political and then she needs to do get woke. I mean she's very political. It was about the communist revolution. Just sorry no. Of course Gore's not nothing she did before that was really political. Besides the fact that she was like Her existence was kind of political female artists. Papa don't preach was in the a lot of shit on the erotica album was about HIV yeah that's true But I think the Bush sh Era George W. Bush era on anybody to be honest. I don't know it's it's very as they say. Hollywood Hollywood liberal purview because that is also part of it to where we started to not pay attention as much to her music and and we were paying attention more to what the tabloids were saying about her and like her kids and her like fake religion. I mean what fake religion religion and You know and then I'm fairly focused. He yeah that probably was really bad. I did not watch it But then like also also really unfairly focusing on her looks and on her..

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