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He's someone who was hyped during the preseason and he has lived up to the hype so far so i'm expecting big things from him. I am expecting him to possibly finished us ahead of mark andrews right now and i'm expecting him to also finish the season how to mark andrews and for watching. I'm going to double down on what you just said. And if mark andrews does not does not finish below tj hodkinson and fancy pointed. They both stay healthy than you know if you call me out on this. And if you're a dynasty the dynasty listener. I will give you my second round pick or third round pick. I told my second. If mark andrews outperforms tj hodkinson this season fists football as long as with injuries side. No injuries you know i am. I am very very confident that teach consol finish above mark andrews naxi think. Tj hopkinson has a chance to finish the best tight end overall. This season i as far as the. I'm gonna real quick with waller waller's one of the i have the most shares of him. I have my thank an sixty percent of my leagues and as far as dynasties concern i would actually draft tj ahead of waller because like you said tj. You're getting six years younger He's gonna play long into his thirty s. We've seen what somebody like travis. Kelsey can do In a great. Obviously as better quarterbacks no doubt but Tj has that potential. We've seen it this season and He's not somebody that you can definitely pick over waller and feel confident about that choice. That's more of a bull. Take you ask me than the mark andrews. I like that one. Because i think the most people still say that darren waller they would draft him over. Tj hopkinson dynasty. And i think. I wouldn't probably lean towards t johnson but i'm down wallet nineteen targets in the first game. That's insane that'd be like for like three hundred something targets over the course of the season even if he gets half..

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