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The NBA regular season with eight games play also and October twelfth draft will be October fifteenth okay what with the way sports is not enough as long as we don't get a second wave of code nineteen masters in November the NFL college football high school football game without a second way looks like it's going to be on questions about the crowds we don't we won't know that till mid August wait August you won't know Torah medically think about it we're gonna talk to doctor gave metro health university of Michigan help family physicians sports doctor he'll join us at five forty think about where we were this is less than three months in the pandemic Willis in three months so what's going to be like ten weeks from now we don't know there is on the side of caution is smart Michigan state announced that then bigman bill big Miller A. D. had assumed press conference today in cost of remember live dot com was on that he'll join us here in about twenty minutes they announced voluntary workouts will begin June fifteenth for the Michigan state athletes they will test them twice please support personnel all have to pass which would be negative test two of them to be able to partake in workouts or play so they have good guidelines Michigan as the guidelines are voluntary return is June fifteenth July first will be they're mandatory returned the other way Chris balas and Doug scheme will join me tomorrow first two hours on the radio network talk in the return of Michigan football looking ahead to their opener September fifth against Washington that will be tomorrow first two hours on the BHS insurance Friday NHL right after the NBA said that they're waiting on the owners and the players to ratify their three city hub twenty four team finish of the season talk is Major League Soccer is close to coming back Major League Baseball they announce that the announcers TV and radio will not travel with the teams and do the broadcasts remotely which means a watch it on TV and call the gates whether they do it at Fox Sports Detroit my guess is that there is an engine price will sit in the home both at Comerica have a couple of TV's and once again you that would be awesome if I was doing it just cracked open some beer I'm hooked on my dell have you had that it is an unbelievable beer it really is I'm not sure move no aftertaste I'm doing everything I can to make modello the official beer the dreading that we're it's amazing some also will have a Miller lite at somebody I moved to another album M. modello smooth no after taste I love.

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