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The couple and both families couldn't be happier. She did do it. Yes, she did it. She wasn't deterred by her engagement ring, which Laurie? I think you aptly described at one point that it was like a like a farting diamond with a parole or something. It was. Yes, it's a big diamond for doing some pearls boy waiting to get broken. All right. So happy, Happy congratulations to the newlyweds and gravel liberties from across. All the networks show will descend upon New York City in the fall for the second Bravo Con weekend this weekend extravagance of her super fans is coming back October 15th through the 17th and at the first Bravo con in 2019. It included appearances by over 90 Bravo personalities. And had more than 50 live events. Is it bad that I say I would love to coat? I was no, no, no, I was go. Go do everything like you and I would be having to switch out for where a tsum point Events panels. Brava liberties after parties. But this this is designed for you guys. So, really take a long weekend and go hang out in New York gave ASU notice. I know you It's weird. Yeah, well, maybe they were kind of waiting on. Maybe they're going to have audience for this year like they did before. Who knows? Well, they have two people who are willing to go. And finally Kim Kardashian. She revealed on her instagram story yesterday that she bid on and won the custom outfit from Janet Jackson's 1993 music video for If so, she said, Happy birthday queen cause it was Janet Jackson's 55th birthday yesterday, and she said, I'm such a fan. I can't believe I want this on Julian's auctions. And if you don't know the outfit It's some low slung suede jeans and then a crop top with some decorative pieces in a halter neck. The video is fabulous. Julia wanted the rhythm nation, Jack. And I wonder if she got it love to ask when she was man. Yeah, just things and we never do. The whips were actually pretty affordable. But the jacket, not some of them. All right,.

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