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Got a great deal on the ramp and got herself and troubles actually been paying half the bills around there and i am she's thinking about changing careers to a nanny and that's about how far we got in the discussion so actually how much debt do you personally have i from about thirty out and that's all interested in lunch yes kundun and about nine hundred in credit card that i have student loans are i'm sure say that again along the probably like twenty nine targets your opinion all credit cards to win on hosted lung okay is that all you've got in debt okay all right good deal at what do you make now you said you made thirty one now right and what do you do now i work at the nonprofit doing what case manager okay so you got a degree in social work maybe they basically um you for bachelor luca or cool and so your plan was to come out of college and go into social work which is what you're doing which is what you're doing here but rd one thousand in new york city doesn't doesn't taylor bills right not i i can't even eight thousand dollars right very difficult very difficult and it's without a thousand dollar only hardly rindt anything in charge in that happened that's for calendar yeah and you can i even and so uh uh in so you're thinking about nannying and you would make how much nannying i have about twenty twenty dollars an hour for like forty hours a week menem it is that the that's the going rate okay so eight hundred dollars a week then on fifty weeks i would put your more like a forty thousand dollar income that sounds about right stood up to.

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