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For Columbus six ten WTVN. It is the bar blazer show the law with Josh see. So we reached out earlier to Columbus Education Association. President John Kennedy Leo. Try to get some insight on this Columbus. School board seeking preparation plan, basically, if the teachers strike, they're trying to get something in place. And, you know, teachers personnels it could be the state's largest school district could go on strike, this could happen at this point. They're saying that all of the moves that are being made. Right now, basically kind of a fail safe. They're not saying a strike his eminent by any means. They there's all kinds of things that they're trying to hash out at this point. And I you know my biggest question about this was, you know if this actually happens between now and August with school starts between now and August. That's what they have all this time to kind of hash this out if the teachers strike, you know, we'll start of school be postponed. And they're saying, no because they're looking for alternative staffing ongoing school day operations and strike coordination. I believe, so that's what would happen if something like this comes to pass. They, I there's all kinds of different things to this, the longest short of it is the types of things that they're fighting for John Gazon to say, again, the Columbus Education Association president saying not only good for teaching good for students and the list of demands includes like awarding better pay, of course, you know, that's going to be in there. And then reducing class sizes boy, I mean, would most teachers probably would love something like that. I don't know how you go about that. If, if the school is full up, and you don't have enough staffing. But that's something that they're, you know, supposedly going to be on the list of demands. Emphasizing art music. There's a whole list of stuff here, but I think those are the two biggest awarding the better pay and then.

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