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And the then I cross the Pacific Ocean on a cargo ship, and that was very difficult as well. Because people think it's a cargo ships is free a get on. It's not that easy. You have to give so many papers on you have I signed the paper saying I allow people to search my bodily cavities as cetera. Anyway, when I cross the America, he came to Mexico to his it me. And then I cross. The Atlantic Ocean with cruise ship Annan he came to Barscelona pick me up and from Barcelona. He took me to Italy. The next day he introduced me to his mother. So it was just also fast on Indiana said he had never been to Turkey. Why don't I come with you to Turkey sailing? We hit the friend of his who was going to take you. So we went back to together as. Okay. So. I'm hearing you really found a romance and love on the second trip in a pretty amazing story Golan show you and Carl made it to Turkey. He got to go there. I first time. And I know there's some major transitions after that. So give a brief overview of how you ended up in Italy. But if over you actually found out that we were pregnant when we were in Southie. And then of course, not it's difficult to get to Italy. So we ended up in Las Vegas getting married on than I set Olympic. Settled into Italy Saudi I in says to Italy. Okay. So in short sounds like that's another book in the waiting. To say the least. So now in Italy with the family, congratulations. That's great. You what give me a quick rundown?.

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