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Computer program just like if you look at your statement from the brokerage he say i got two thousand shares amazon well you have an intangible assets not something you can touch and feel and put on your bookshelf in and mire and so bitcoin's dot com stocks whatever it is stock options at work those kinds of things at some point you got to ask yourself doesn't make sense remediate continuing on to this nieto bitcoin's they're very akin to the dot coms there were a couple of dotcoms that survive but generally speaking none of them did not even think back to you i didn't dotcoms do well me i think a google and facebook in a way they neiman exist during the dotcom crash so the winners in even exists so be pretty hard to find a longterm winter and agar a oil the dial a netscape sinali all these other companies this didn't become the market leader you could about their stocks and it was good idea now the web dotcoms we're going to do well just wasn't those stocks and so you have to be careful and so there has to be a strategy i believe to say all right a maybe you enter stanbic coins you'd be way ademi don't really get it but you know if you think about the u s even the us dollar is based on a promise they see have a promise bitcoin's you don't have that it's just something is just numbers on a screen and so the bitcoin's zor have gone dramatically in the last six months i mean just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of percentage points and so now people are face of the tough decision just as they were in the com just as you are if you're working at amazon and microsoft and you have highly appreciated stock options what do you do so if i bought these bitcoin's let's say for a thousand dollars and maybe they're worth five hundred thousand dollars today i mean what do you do i it you know it's sort of like winning the lottery i've hearses in my mind if i ever want to lottery and identify lottery tickets but i think that i want to buy a lottery.

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