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Well here's my question where did slay ball get his information either there's a leak in the fbi or he's relying upon unreliable unsubstantiated resources let me say this about march labor and i have not heard from arc since mark has been has not that work explain that to me i have been investigative reporter and i've made mistakes sometimes in the past hugh because you sometimes your sources are wrong now in this case i su i sincerely doubt the sources are wrong i but until we hear from schley baugh i i don't know what the answer is although i will tell you this if i had to choose between bleeding march liba or shawn miller i would take mark one hundred out of one hundred times the smell factor there but the bottom line is apparently the administrative at the division of the university of arizona decided to stay with him based on what they found and what they they decided to stay with you with the intent and hope of winning the ncwa basketball championship well that was that was poly just like the people in chapel hill decided after spending twenty five million dollars in legal fees they decided to stay stay the course and maybe win a title which they did smy but now i grew up two blocks the university kentucky that's my school that's where i went to school i'm proud of the education i got there but we moved here to north carolina to the mountains and nineteen eightyone my children enjoyed a wonderful public education here in utah gay county i got a doctor i got a dermatologist and i in banker from the keenan school of business from you and see i may turnley grateful for the wonderful academic opportunity that my family has had but i am pissed off beyond relief that we spent twenty plus million dollars in state funds defending really bad judgment on the part of the academic leadership of that university thank you so much i'm only regret i wasn't part of the law firm that was able to collect that money anyway more phone calls at eight five five to four to seven to eight five barrett salih will join us we'll get his.

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