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What's going on now and also some of the same cast of characters because it was after all a jim komi the fbi director recently fired by trump who appointed his good friend pat fitzgerald and and it was komi who came under an enormous amount of criticism forgiving his friend pat fitzgerald a very wide grant of authority in fact gave him the powers of the attorney general in that case which enraged the white house and made komi an object of the white house's enmity and of course in the in the investigation into trump muller also is you know as being questioned about his the scope of his authority that's becoming an issue and there's litigation about that so some interesting kind of parallels there right and look when we talk about timing yes it came right after the michael cohen raid but it also came just just before jim commes book was about to come out and it seemed like the president may be was sending his own message to jim komi as well your guy fitzgerald did this case and i am going to undo it all right we now have on the line a expert in this subject one of the prosecutors who brought the charges against scooter libby and charged him peter zeidan bergh peter welcome to skulduggery happy to be here what was your reaction when you learned that president trump had pardoned scooter libby well i guess depression you know i i saw the shock was the night before when i saw the headline come across the wire that you know that they were going to do it and that was that was you know i didn't i didn't see any forecast for that so that was a shot out of the blue you know then when he actually went through it it was just you know another you know the the the number of outrageous things trump has done since he's been in office is long so i just you know throwing this on the pile the the president said in the announcement that scooter libby had been treated unfairly wasn't.

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