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Air conditioning. And better hours and better vacation time gets easier and easier. that is the natural deflation and that not only. Do we definitely want that. We don't want an economy does anything but that that's the whole point of an economy if you if you don't get the reward of being able to make more stuff and having better quality stuff the halloween doing it. It's not like we go to work just because we like to work. Point is to make your life better. Thank god we actually have bitcoin to potentially transition us which is what we are seeing back to real prices and now this is already gone too long. This is where this is where the really interesting thing happens. And i really want to actually reached out to preston pysche To come on the show. Because i want him to break down this concept of the over collateralisation and the real interest rates. Because this is something that. I've been thinking about for a while. But i don't think i know the intricacies of The debt markets in the the collateralized loan markets. Well enough to kind of articulate this right now. But i want to do some digging. I'd love to be able to ask him some questions about it. So if you wanna Bombard him on twitter and helped me out to get breast and fish on the show. I would love you. Don't don't annoy the snot out of him. Bought him pass from a little bit but the the fact that will actually get like we have horribly horribly manipulated interest rates right now right and the price of time is one of the most critical prices in the economy. So if you manipulate the price of the interest of the price of time the price of capital you spend today versus actually producing and saving for the future you manipulate you manipulate and corrupt the value of everything. Everything is dependent on the price of time. The interest rate is one of the most important prices in the economy. And you describe everything if you just start arbitrarily dictating what that is so and even more is the interest rate cannot go up on. This was actually a for the for the us government. It cannot go up. There was.

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