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30 minutes after 77 13 is we continue my favorite Carol's right there. O Come o come all ye faithful love it. I saw that today. Sun's up. It's 7 33 behind the clouds, but we will see a little bit later on breezy expected winds could gust is Mrs 30. Calm down a little bit. Right now We're at 56 degrees of North Korea. Just news talk W do you and after starting at 61 Just an hour and a half ago, I let's take a look at what's going on here because spelling matters proofing your work matters. Type Ozcan get you in a heap of trouble, not just in school, but in the real world as well. So passed this on to the students in your life and tell them it can really put egg on your face and it could cause you Some real problems. With the media. Alright Edlund Entertainment art collective initially intended to throw a Santa themed event this, according to The New York Post and reported here on fox news dot com. But however, there was a slight typo in their invitation to all Group before Lee decided to go along with it. And even though there was some talk about not doing a Santa themed, innit? And having kids sit in Santa's lap. They're gonna go with it. Problem is they had a typo. Now The event is called Sit on Satan's lap. Yes, sit on Satan's lap, and what child wouldn't want to do that right? According to the Vance website, it's trying to raise money for direct relief, which is a nonprofit. Supporting medical facilities in the U. S. And throughout the world should authorize protective gear for health care workers. On Instagram, the group advertised event with an image of crying Children while sitting on Santa's lap. Devilish mask wearing face has been superimposed over Santa's, however. In an effort to stay on the theme The events website is asking for donations of $6.66 says to provide coronavirus leave worldwide. It is scheduled to take place coming up in Albuquerque, a on the 19th. Sit on Satan's lap. No one no one caught that. No. One. No one caught that well. Santa and Elf did catch one thing that was going on. Few guys and rivers Dale, California shoplifted from a target over the weekend, and they were running away from the scene. One of them got tackle in the parking lot by Santa himself. And his elf held the other guy gunpoint. I didn't know who else packed heat. Good thing to know. Turns out sad and the l for undercover police who were working at the target keeping an eye out for shoplifters. How about that? Another thing caught on video. There was one similar shoplifter with the guys who got away by stealing a car. But the police say they know who he is. And yet he's on the naughty list. For sure, for sure. 15 minutes after 77 15 in North Georgia's news talk, and then there's this question that comes up every year. When you tell someone Hey, I'm shopping for you. And they say no. No, you know, Don't don't give me gift this year. Don't know you give. No, no. What do they mean? They really mean Don't get me a gift this year. Well, guys, can I just say this? If that person that says Don't get me anything for Christmas Is your wife or your mother. Get them something. If it's your brother. Your dad. Don't get anything because I really mean it. Guys. We really mean it. I mean, we'll take something, but we really mean it. Okay? Huh? So they did a survey 25,000 Americans. Try to find out what it means. When somebody says, I really don't want a gift. Does it mean I really don't want to gift and I'll be upset if you get me one. Well, 9% said. Yes, that's what it means. No means no. Does it mean I don't want to give, But I won't be upset if I get one. That was the number one answer by far. 46% said. Yeah, okay, I'll take one. But, you know, I'm not gonna be upset about it. I do want to gift but I won't be angry if I don't get 1 18% chimed in on that one. And then there's this one I do want to get and I will be angry. If I don't get 16% 6% agreed to that one least, they're honest. So one is 17. People think Don't give me a gift means the exact opposite. So here tough. I think it's what you said. It depends on who it is right. So why do we say this? Why don't we just be? Is it because I don't want to be honest? I mean, if I say it that I'm being honest about it Don't know. Don't get me again. What I agree. And actually if I don't see somebody often I don't want you to feel like Oh, you're in my family. So I've got to get you something right now and again, And it's not because I'm being cheap. I enjoy exchanging gifts. But the older I've gotten. I prefer the simpler things on But it doesn't You know if you wanna give give great I've tried to learn not to feel guilty about. Oh, gosh, I didn't get them anything And they bought me. You know, a fruitcake or whatever it is, you know, but they buy your fruit Don't Guilty. Be angry. Just be hand that over to somebody else. But you know, it is weird because you're thinking well, I don't necessarily need a gift, but that's nice, but Mean seriously that there are some people in my Let's don't exchange gifts. It is fine. We're good, you know, but well and like I say, if it's your if it's your wife or your mother, guys get him against that. Even if they say it, get him something, And I just got a text here from traveling Tim, who said Hey, made that mistake with his wife. Notice. He said once so, yes, yeah. Least you, Lawrence. Exactly Not not going to do that One again. Lesson learned 18 minutes after seven. You delay Unlearn some headlines Be chase, a teacher from the Access Wdun Hardy Chevrolet newsroom. Thank you. Bill. Early voting underway at eight this morning for the January set.

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