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People are saying emma eulogizing the team we got this some just be an honest yeah and by the way we don't know what's going to happen nobody knows what's going to look we're just pointing out that the the astor's are favored the the dodgers have a great opportunity though as i mentioned this statistically has broke the last eleven times more than not for the home team nine times out of the last eleven they've forced to game seven and eight of the nine won the world series so the dodgers are far from dead schuyler thompson points out and i i didn't do the work on this astros gave up three toplevel prospects for burland her including a number thirty six number thirty sauces top level press no thirty six in all of baseball thirty six best prospect of the top prospects airs thirty six best prospect yet i met i as you know i it press fix i would prospects are winning us games their winning houston games it's right these are tough decisions to depend you're right it's tough like some some of these guys people forget who is who was a case for for years one of the prospects that the dodgers wouldn't give up was ac lee he was a pitcher right and then zachary had trouble breaking through never really got to the majorleague level and made a difference and they finally decided okay we'll trade him do you remember they traded him four.

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