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It is because african american men have a problem in that they the vote a more aggressive form of prostate cancer so it's particularly important to identify the problem early not only that but people in the caribbean who have some african a blood and than they have in four they formed a more aggressive type of prostate cancer it's a great test it seems to be the best available if you do the test after an elevated psa you can unlimited high fifty percent at by abc's and it also tells you white your chances are that you will died from metastatic price the disease this adrift tests it said assert love were those between two fifty three hundred tests a day up from about four tests a day when we acquire by reference laboratories which is helping us the market it but we look at this as just a baseline we think it has nowhere to go but up and never going to start a very important intensive marketing campaign starting in the fall including tv advertising so we're it's a great product and it put us in the euro a g business which is even more important because being there in knowing meteorologists and being familiar with the real needs are we came across a couple of products that i think have real and great potential one is a storm a selective and rogen receptor modulate or that has already been in 350 main it's safe and it does is it lowers body fat increases muscle mass and strength lowers the psa we're going to develop it forbid on prosthetic hypertrophy which affects sixty percent of men over fifty ac about fifty million men in the united states.

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