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Now he doesn't get any checks, you know, but I still get tricks merchandising and so on and so forth. Genius on your part, right? What's Peter doing right now, bro regretting that. Yeah. And I wish you would put out a record because he has talent. He still has talent, even though we seventy two, you know, you never to old. I mean, I just was in the hotel when before I split what's his name, I've met him in San Diego when he performed at the spectacles theater, who's that actives hint. The actor with the bear in the he was in a cowboy movie is and Mickey Rourke. Mickey walk has a beer? No, no. He wrote some greats who's married to Rita. Coolidge offer. Yeah, he's still doing it. Yeah, I, he's in his eighties now singing. Great. When I saw him at the spectacle said with Rachel, all he will. He stood up there along with an acoustic guitar and sang all the songs blew me away. We went backstage took some photos. He was very gracious. Did you do for the good times? Of course he did, right? Yeah. What was that film? He was in the stars born? No, the cowboy movie. Was it not the forgiven the? Was it the when I Jack, not when something like that. What comeback amac mind rose something with the rose. No. Looking up right now. I just wanna say McCabe and MRs Miller that was worn biddy it's not. I guess what the name of the film was very important. You guys go for yet. Pull up Christmas offenses movie, Pat, Garrett, and Billy the kid that. No. Some Jackson it, or it's got to be mid seventies. I would say Garin. Any late semi tough stars, born vigilante force sailor, fell from grace with the sea, Alison live here anymore. Bringing that about your Blume in love Cisco pike. What the hell you think of it might be compared IRA? He was in his cowboy movie and may Rachel also brought another couple and the guy Victor is a Kris Kristofferson freak, and he looked at is boots. And he says is I'll just say Cisco pike because that may have been the phone because those same boots you on Cisco pike and he goes, yeah, Jesus Christ forty year old boots. Yeah. Well, if fits good, you know, feels good wear it, you know. But how that guy's an insane fan. Recognize it's not like boots from right destroyer tour the Buzi war on the film. That's insanity. Really. Kiss fans are worse than that. I mean, they really distinctive boots. They have some crazy patterns. I didn't really take notice. I actually heard. After I left. But yeah, I mean the one when I'm concerned, what I'm confused about what I've done, I just call up a couple of people that are like have followed my career since day one. And they gave me the answer like that because I can't remember the dates. Well, he's is not your responsibility. Exactly. What do you I was writing this roller coaster? You know, you know somebody's to me, what was it like being in kissing the, hey, I goes like riding a roller coaster and not being able to get off because we just continually work. If we weren't touring, we're in the studio, aren't making a silly movie for hundred Barbaro doing TV or interviews or whatever it was just the nonstop roller coaster ride, but it. But it's also great analogy because when you left the group, they were not at their peak anymore. Like the music change a little bit. So it's almost roller coaster going down where you guys had the climb zip at around. I think they learn like a one of those kitty coast. Yeah, right. Sorry guys, but you know, once I left it kind of went down. Yeah. After you left Paul Jayme. Right? Good song. Yes, they always have and they always well, I mean on this new album mean Jean wrote two songs together. The first and the third. You know, that's the titles spacemen here. That's without you. I'm nothing. Yeah, my command. Yeah, which I gotta well jeans titles. I was going to say that those gene titles, but I wrote ninety five percent of the lyrics and she did as he's too busy trying to sell stuff. Caskets. Are you, you know, you're making the music and he's out there. We wrote effortlessly, we wrote those two songs and three hours you got together. You ingenious hadn't talked in years, right?.

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