President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Jeb Bush discussed on The Jonathon Brandmeier Show


Wanted to so they could use it as a talking point to say that the tax cuts for you or temporary to the extent that they are temporary it's because the democrats insisted and because of some arcane capitol hill rules but the republicans would make them permanent the democrats would take them away they're coming to take them away haha president trump took nancy pelosi to task on this crumbs thing and beat her over the head with it we will waiting for february and then we got hit with these cooperations giving tremendous bonuses to everybody that he pelosi called crumbs that was a bed that could be like deplorable does that make says deplorable and crumbs those two words say seemed to have a resemblance i hope it has the same meaning but she called crowns when people are getting two thousand and three thousand dollars in one thousand dollars that's not crumbs it's a lot of money at and he enest look at is it is the deplorable thing and here's the thing president trump on like if it had been president jeb bush sure semi president trump is going to use this crumbs thing as he sees fit to beat her over the head and the democrats as people are buying new refrigerators and making payments on their new cars and putting more money into savings and more money into the 401 k and.

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