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Like that. Well, I don't think Alabama fans are let me correct. Let me start over again. They can make the playoffs. The problem for them is the path to make the playoffs. In the past, they remember two years ago when they lost LSU. They needed to beat auburn. And they didn't. They would have been in the playoffs in that particular case. Other times it Alabama has lost it's been a little cleaner and smoother. They made the playoffs a couple of times without being in the SEC championship game. But right now, they don't have any margin for error. They have to get to Atlanta and then they have to beat Georgia. And that's why I think people are a little bit uncertain right now. The rest of the schedule is obvious. Mister B stayed tomorrow night, Tennessee, LSU. I think the LSU game looks like an easy win. Tennessee, you have to wait until tomorrow night. Tennessee beats on this. Though march into Tuscaloosa next week with a lot of optimism, New Mexico state, Arkansas, we'll know a little bit more tomorrow as well. What we're going to see from Arkansas, whether they'll come in there is a two loss team or maybe struggling toward the finish and then that auburn. So it's pretty obvious what Alabama has in front of them. So I think that's where the panic is can this team run the table and beat Georgia? Other than that, Alabama fans will get better. I don't want to act like I know everything about Alabama fans because I've lived in the state for 30 years. People have lived there longer. But a Wyndham R night a good performance. They'll start getting some more confidence back. And so will the team. Thank you for the call. Appreciate it. We are live in Athens. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. We're back live at UGA on a gorgeous homecoming weekend and Ryan McGee because he loves homecoming games. This seems like a strange homecoming. Yeah. Honestly I'm from being a hunter sauce. I wasn't aware of that. That's amazing. I love homecoming. Yeah, I think homecoming used to be. That's when you would play when I was at Tennessee we played Pacific. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. But I'll say this, though. There was a time when Kentucky seemed like a very logical choice, but that is not a good homecoming game you're right. Not anymore. No more. Undefeated. Yeah, the whole homecoming thing has been turned upside down. Yeah. My daughter's high school just had their homecoming last weekend. And it's still hulko, the kids call it. It's still it's still kind of a big deal, but it's not like it used to be it. Well, it used to be for those who don't understand what homecoming is. I mean, my understanding of it is it's that one weekend every year where the old grads come back. Now they come back every weekend. But it's always weird too 'cause it was like I'm around in college. You know, that all show up and you know they try them out there and they would like to gather that led the cheers in the 50s. We come out and start leaving the chairs and it was always a little awkward, but now but now I'm that guy. So I don't want to complain. Here we are. George home coming. I'm excited. Yeah, it goes from my dad watches you, my granddad watches. Absolutely. No, there's no question about it. I always say that when it comes to Marty McGee, I have a very specific demographic locked up and that is the retired school teacher demographic. Which I'm all for. Well, you may have that. There's no show that's higher ranked and higher rated 75 to 94 than the show. We got to lock down. You got to lock down. Whatever sponsors are in on that, you're having to get a bug on the fine Bond winner tour. We're doing the villages in Florida. We're selling jitterbugs and selling grand pads. Oh yeah. Wayne Newton will be opening for the final moment show. That's it. Happy home coming everybody. I don't mind. I mean, the thing about older people. Yeah? Is it they are loyal. They will watch. Oh yeah. I mean, no parks themselves in front of the television. But you can't trust a college student to watch the whole show, can you? No. I don't know. Friday afternoon, right? Yeah. But they're here. So I'll do it. There you go. All right. Number 85s here. This guy. He's got a Jacksonville Jaguars, Tim Tebow. Oh, yeah. No, that's dedication. Would you pay for that? Portfolio price? Yeah. Oh yeah. Depend on what month you hope you're not majoring in business. Mom bought it for him. So there you go. So here we are. There's a new number one in the country. And I'm sure that didn't miss your mind this week. What's crazy is my favorite mind bending state of the week is Georgia has given up 5 points per game. 5 points per game in 2021. It just doesn't 1939. Yeah, that's it, yeah, yeah, college I don't know, but I think that I don't know that we would ever see like a statistic like that again. And it's not like it's this back loaded schedule where they haven't played anyone. They play teams to score points. And so that part of it to me blows my mind. But it's, you know, but we're joking about old people in old school and whatever else. That's his old school as it gets. Yeah. It is extraordinary to think about. And tomorrow I mean, Kentucky has an interesting offense. Yeah. Maybe not. High octane. But they have a solid quarterback. Right. They have the number one Russia in the SEC, which I don't think people wouldn't realize. And George Kidd. But that being said, I still believe that there's a part of us. I wrote a story this week on ESPN dot com about the history of Kentucky football. And everything that this team does break some sort of streak break some sort of drought does something they haven't done since the spare Bryant was there in the 50s. How many times in Kentucky history have they played the number one game of the weekend? Okay, a couple of years ago. I think there's three years ago, we were in Lexington. The Georgia, Kentucky. Right. But there was a bigger game that day was in baton. It's either in touch coast or bad room. Yeah, I can't remember where it was. Yeah. But that was the defining game. That was Alabama LSU. This was the second game. But this is the best game of the weekend. Is there a question? And I just can't ever remember Kentucky being part of that. You can't because and I was reading up this week about we always end up talking about Bear Bryant. But I was reading about when Bear Bryant was there in the 1950s until he had off rough got spat and he left town. But all of the things they're doing now, they're talking about maybe playing in the sugar bowl. Yeah. Or in which they haven't done or the cotton bowl or their orange bowl was to have a nurses Bear Bryant was there. They finished ranked number 7 in the country, I think. The year they did win the cotton bowl with Bear Bryant. And so they're talking about all these things. Today is your question. I'm being serious. I think the last time they would have played in the game of the weekend.

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