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In bobby I am calling because I can't sleep and GOING THROUGH The Daily Mail as I do and I found something that was interesting for a few reasons. apparently Jesse Metcalfe's X. Kara. Santana has a new man. And it happens to be Shannon leto AKA jared's brother and drummer very smart. and. I find this interesting that this is in Daily Mail today and they're. Packing on the PDA. When just yesterday an article came out about. Fussy and how he has a new girlfriend and he's moving on. So knowing that he cheated on her apparently allegedly. wondering what you guys think. Using that she saw that and then call the cops cow the follow her Jenin out while they're making out in a deep. Let's not think credit. Well the news is out, they probably were like well, now that that's out there now we can like smooch and Publix. Let's call the Daily Mail that's what it seemed like to me. We're like car was trying be the bigger person you know, and then maybe Kara and Shannon had been dating for as long as Jesse and whatever or it seems like Jesse. allegedly art seems like was the cheater member they had to live together. Anyway we talk. In Corn Rain, they split technically eight months ago but then we're still living together because of Kobe. And so it was like, yeah, we're still taking walks together. But no, we're not together this has complicated it's cope in nineteen. So we've talked about them in that context, but it looks like because he broke the seal car was like, okay. I'll go public with Shannon and Beep Beep beep here come the paps I'm making out with Jerry does brother WHO's wearing a silk shirt because I assume the guy who always wears silk shirts. So Shannon is in the band in the LETO brothers band thirty seconds to thirty six. I'm being rude, it's a big band. It's a relatively big band. Honestly the band is almost the end the. Band is like as big as jared leto movie career at this point. Lego. If you think about it journalists movie careers actually pretty interesting because it's we comes back with Dallas buyers club but any wins an Oscar for this role that was immediately offensive and yeah even though it was immediately offensive, it's aged quickly and it's aged terribly so like that. Oscar. Win. Yeah. I guess at amounts for something he's all he will always be academy award winner, Jared Leto but like no one looks back fondly on that role, his movie career didn't like blow up after this his joker was the one that everyone forgets about because here comes. Being like, I'm going to do a better joker and win an Oscar for it. So like bite me right but I would say in terms of jared leto being known as a movie starring goes band being big I would say they're kind of at the same level in terms of leg thing. But they have a do a big fan base like it is weird when it's the band is covered outside of being band now, which is like interesting to me like they will like it used to just be like journals band thirty seconds to Mars just like thirty seconds to Mars was like Oh, when I see them all the guy from my so called life has a band now because what they came out and like the early two thousands right and now they're like A. Enough to stand on their own. But I honestly did not know that his brother was also in the band doesn't surprise me but like I guess he's the drummer. He's the drummer. He doesn't. I. Was pleased that there'd be something interesting about him but there really isn't. He doesn't make a lot of headlines outside of like. All Jared leto sweetie he brought his brother to the Golden Globes Audrey us a sweetie. He brought his brother to like the Oscars all jared leto, his brother on vacation together. That's kind of it. He got arrested for Dui like years ago. That's the most. That's the biggest Daily Mail story that I could find about him but a nice thing about him not the. Dot where we're heading? Yeah. You start a coffee company He started coffee company. Yeah. Okay. This isn't a cool black fuel caufield trading company. Or backfield trading shared his kobe recipe within style of the years ago at those very nice. But it looks like the coffee company shutdown literally during Copa Nineteen which really sucks like a casualty of the pandemic maybe they'll come back they say it's temporary but who knows Is there anything interesting about car Santana that you know about? No well, there's like barely anything interesting about Jesse Metcalfe I'm just saying like these this couple like we I, guess we've knew about them when they broke up and we knew about them living together after but like I wouldn't say this is a couple that I'm like playing neither. One of the members of the couple is anyone I know really at Tanah about aside from like him being a semi millennial person because of the movies he did when we were like sixteen years old and Sir being rang. So she's on Berbick thing is she's on Vida veto vitas that showtime, Show Stars and it got cancelled Wilcox Okay Sorry Sorry loops. Yeah. anyways that sucks that the show got cancelled I have a car Santana game before I get into that game, she gave you enough to get a game actually yes she did. There's a interesting seconds tomorrow, Mars Story they got sued and like two, thousand, eight or two, thousand, nine because they didn't deliver the promise number of albums that were in their contract that they had signed in nineteen, ninety nine. So I guess in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine, they delivered they signed a contract with their label that was like we will deliver x albums in x years, and then like eight years later, the label sued them it was like you didn't deliver the albums and time. But they fought back against kind of they. They were like this is this was a shitty. This was a shitty contract was a shitty contract also the reason that they that they settled and that they were sort of allowed to win, they probably had to pay something but the reason it sort of star were able to get out of the contract. Yes. was because of none other than our Ip Olympia to handle it who comes. Every once in a while I know let me to Holland comes up a lot on this podcast. Listen to this. This story from the La Times in looks like two, thousand nine..

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