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We've seen that happen it's. Scared to go in, but I'm so addicted to slurpy just do it anyway. I know now. I get it. I mean, most people call crabs. Standing too close to the magazines. Did you. Know they tried to rob me why didn't you 'cause I don't have a phone what's your pocket? Investigating deputy determined that RAF roster johnny was attempting robbery no kidding. He was arrested and taken to the Saint Johns County jail. On this how at Saint John's comedy jailed? been there. Sure You ever late night set on Saturday at the Saint John's. I've just asked them to commute my sentence. Okay. You He. was. Twenty two minutes and thirty seconds about. Fifteen minutes for good behavior twenty minutes. Okay I'm going to ask before we get out of here in this how old is Khalil? Abdou Habib so Johnny here's what we know for love and all the wrong places. He's got right names. Doesn't have a pen these yes, he needs. To leave and come back. It's Jason Good. That's a good guess Jay Anything Twenty three, twenty, three years old fashioned keys thirty eight but emotionally nineteenth. So because I'm agree with you there but I do think he's thirty eight. Okay. Before we go to story number to take a quick break I can tell you the Khalil of do how be wrestlers Johnny is. Forty six years. Oh. Wow. Not, gone. The way. The numbers went that high. You can go that high. He's the owner of a lonely heart and.

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