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Carmen Roberts, Kris Kringle, Us Department Of Energy discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


I'm Carmen Roberts in the box looks like a very mild set up right through Christmas to me we'll see just a few clouds around tonight lows eventually down to the mid thirties partly sunny weather on Wednesday for Christmas day high close to sixty at Thursday dry conditions lows in the mid thirties highs in the low sixties I'm meteorologist works of it from the weather channel on one of six one of him talk when was the last time you heard anyone say you know kids just don't hear enough words all the words play the radio today at nine AM I'm sure you have the record player on one oh six one FM tall and I heart radio station saving energy saves you money what do you switch to energy star light bulbs install energy star appliances or add extra insulation earn more energy savers dot gov brought to you by the US department of energy and the ad council at the speed of now stay connected with one oh six one FM talk everyone of these letters addressed to Santa Claus therefore the United States government recognizes this man Kris kringle as Santa Claus well from the heartland.

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