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Nikki just to connect the the Minnesota connection that you Larry little more. That was at the beginning of the you've got to come to Awa wrestle late in the AWS run a little bit any memories of ultimately going full, circle and working for Verna and working in front of a Minnesota, mostly Rochester. Just because what Jim Crockett in towns. Colder, motions is allowing shows the medal as the bigger markets. They were bringing killing together. A handful of shows. Due for long, but but that will be the door for needed. I was incensed time alone from Crockett. Two two. The TV talk about. You know, wrestle Visco. And so the other guys so it was a fun experience. Although we came up here Uppers is the the. anyway committee answer a number of times. It was great experience. Little mention in talk about the connection of mention going with Peres some Lil this not only Kurt Nye together play football together. But so crude we on the same team. Berry. Dr Sowell was on the football team. John nord. Maybe some, you know, nor was her was Was on on the. the football team and two guys school say time, but not all team or were Thomson. The probably maybe the lesson Brady boom restless breaking down this refereeing excetera. So. Us. Essential in the same time. Professional wrestling, and the Geordie of I mean, really all pretty pretty decent careers. Interesting. Did you DO the public dealing much with gern directly and gets in no him? I'm sure he had a reputation that preceded him. Ciller? Got a tough negotiator. But the sticking around great was kind of running things more. Yeah. Luke firms and is him, you know, a tremendous amount of it certainly not accident that Larry being of that. But still to go some experience. So you. I'm gonna be showing pitcher I would get that. It'd before my wife measure find a Tone. cone. I got a picture. Don, Trump, president stage myself. Again..

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