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The home stretch here and salute to travis rock hold holding it down today especially with me missing the first forty five minutes of the show he's been tremendous will and crystal been terrific here today especially for travis who had to overcome what happened last night with ohio state ohio state played gonzaga and the ncw tournaments a very nip and tuck game gonzaga comes out on top and travis rock hold who's a big buckeyes fan was kind enough to essentially live tweet the ohio state loss last night what we are going to do now travis has no idea that this is coming he does no he has to hit some music myself crystal and we'll receive are going to do a dramatic reading of some of his tweets and i will start this is last night during the ohio state gonzaga game i'll start oh my god we can't buy a basket wasn't planning on drinking but am i have to you heaven forbid basketball's a little aggressive what should i drink at least we won't get shut out to make matters worse gonzaga can't miss nice recipe to lose that wasn't even a hard foul oh my god it's like playing on rookie mode this gonzaga team is soft as hell every little foul they cry can we rebound the ball my god are we allowed to tie the game or take the lead every time we get close something happens let's go that didn't need a double check these reps are ruining a great game both teams getting screwed breaking news it's emotional for the family members watching a game just another call thirty three hip checks dockage as he's trying to chase down a loose ball and it's hard we've had too many missed hughes but dammit it'll be nice if the rats were semigood stocks to go out but damn what a season at chris holtman has this team going in the right direction and the future is bright again gonzaga's the softest team they cry after every foul what could have been for the wrestling team this weekend and seen dear to so many health care man what about the hockey team travis ohio state fair ohio state lost the ncw wrestling team title the big ten hockey title game they lost that to notre dame and they lost at nc double a tournament hoops game in the space of about a.

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